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Monkey Knife Fight Sportsbook Maryland

Monkey Knife Fight sportsbook in Maryland is a daily fantasy sports platform and a sports betting webpage that allows its customers to wager on all of their favorite teams and sporting events. If you are interested in learning about this company, continue reading this article.

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Currently, Monkey Knife Fight Sportsbook in Maryland doesn’t have a license in the state. Below, we provide you with a list of all licensed Maryland sportsbooks.

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Review Monkey Knife Fight Sportsbook Maryland


In this review article, we will get a closer look at the Monkey Knife Fight Sportsbook Maryland website and the value it provides to the bettors that use it.

Get ready to take a deep dive into what Monkey Knife Fight offers its customers. Offers include but are not limited to promotion and bonuses, website and app performance, and customer care.

We are going to give you our thoughts and opinions on this sportsbook site and allow you to make your own decisions regarding whether or not it is the right sports betting site for you. Ready to take a look?

Monkey Knife Fight sportsbook bonuses Maryland


One of the best parts of having so many sportsbook companies out there is how much they are willing to do to fight for customers. Offering bonuses and promotions is one way (and the best way) for sports betting companies on drawing in more bettors and make more profits.

These companies have become very creative in the world of promotions over recent years, and Monkey Knife Fights sportsbook is no exception. They are known for offering some pretty interesting and hard-to-resist deals on a lot of bets daily. Let’s review a few of the more frequent and popular promos provided by this company.

Sign-up bonuses

A few popular bonuses are offered through the Monkey Knife Fight site to encourage customers to create an account and use it for all their sports betting needs. The two most frequently seen are a bonus $5 upon sign-up bonus and a $100 match bonus with your first deposit.

No-Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is like playing the game with bonus cash; a recent no-deposit bonus offered through this company is a no-deposit bonus of $50 bonus play credit. You use this money just like you would if you had deposited your own cash into your account.

Deposit Match

A deposit match is when the sportsbook is willing to match the amount of money you put into your sports betting account to use on wagers. Most companies only match up to a specific amount.

MKF MD mobile app


If you are interested in taking your bets on the go, you are in luck. Monkey Knife Fight offers their customers with Android or IOS devices to easily download their app in order to have access to their accounts anywhere they go.

App/Mobile review MD

It seems there are a lot of mixed reviews regarding this company’s app. Some say the pages are hard to load, and others state the mobile version doesn’t offer the same great features as the webpage.

However, the app is very user-friendly and fun. It aligns well with the online website version and is pretty fast when loading, which is definitely a bonus. This app is still relatively new, and they are still working out the bugs, but all in all, it gets the job done.

Features MKF Maryland


This app is full of features and benefits that help customers have the best experience and great odds, giving them a better chance of winning money and having fun at the same time.

Monkey Knife Fight picks

MKF has their line-up of favorable picks in order to create easy bets for their customers, removing the point spreads or money lines allowing bettors to wager which team they think is going to win simply.

Never compete against the Pros

Another great benefit of using this sportsbook is you are never forced into betting against the professionals. This makes the game much fairer and gives you better odds of winning.

Easy to play unique games

Monkey Knife Fight has many unique games that differ from the basic wagers you play on other sports betting sites. Games like the “more or less” contests keep things fun and relaxed and are a good “pallet cleaner” at times.

Monkey Knife Fight dollars

MKF dollars are “money” you can use in place of cash in order to place certain bets. You can earn these dollars through specific bets and games. Although they are treated like cash, they can not be traded in for any type of monetary value.

These dollars will also expire if not used within one month of receiving them.

Monkey Knife Fight sports betting market in MD


There is a reasonable sports market offered through the MKF site. You have the option to wager on most of the popular professional sports teams, including:

  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • GOLF
  • UFC
  • CBB
  • NFL

Some of the better deals are placed on NBA, MLB, and the NFL. All of these sports seem to be favorites amongst customers and can provide you with some great bets to place.

You will notice there is an array of betting options available to all bettors, no matter your skill level or the amount of money you have to wager.

Monkey Knife Fight betting options for Maryland


As previously mentioned, MKF offers its customers many betting options, from the most basic to the more unique types. All of these bets appear to be pretty straightforward and simple to play, no matter your experience level.

Monkey Knife Fight betting banking methods

It is highly recommended you look into the banking methods of each and every sportsbook site you create an account with. Unfortunately, not every site is compatible with all forms of banking methods.

At this current moment, MKF is only accepting Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards. However, their site says they are currently in the process of adding to this list, including the PayPal option. For now, though, the only way you can fund your sports betting account or withdraw your winning is with your bank’s credit/debit card.

You can access your banking information through your Monkey Knife Fight login and click on the banking tab.

Monkey Knife Fight NBA picks in Maryland

This is one of the biggest betting markets for NBA gamblers. The MKF NBA picks offer an array of “more or less” bets surrounding one of the most popular sports in the nation. These bets are usually based on the number of points scored per player, and you have to decide if the pre-determined bet is going to be more or less than the prediction.

MKF goal rush

This type of betting rewards bettors who can successfully identify three players that will score a goal in the NHL season per game.

TD dance

What is the TD dance, you ask? The touch-down dance is a bet you place on any three football players you believe will score a touchdown during any single game or slate. This is kind of unique to MKF as other Maryland sports betting sites might not offer something like this.

These are only a few of the fun and unique betting options offered with MKF, and you can see the rest of their selection and learn the rules by visiting their webpage and clicking on the “how-to-play” tab.

Customer Service with Monkey Knife Fight in Maryland

Monkey Knife Fight customer service is okay; they offer a page to submit any requests or questions via email along with a “help” icon that offers a help bot to navigate you through questions with easy solutions. If you have more complicated concerns, you can wait for a reply through e-mail or call their company at (888) 492-0002.

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Monkey Knife Fight Maryland FAQ

Is it legal to bet with Monkey Knife Fight in Maryland?

Yes. Maryland allows bettors 21 years of age to legally gamble on all sporting events, including Monkey Knife Fight, as long as they are using a legal and licensed sportsbook site.

Is there a specific Monkey Knife Fight Strategy to use when wagering?

Many of the bets on MKF’s website are simple and straightforward requiring a 50% strategy and 50% luck. However, the chances of a payout will increase significantly if you do your homework before placing a bet. For example, suppose you can get a good idea of the teams and players’ performance.

What banking Options does Monkey Fight Night in Maryland accept?

At this time, the MFN site only accepts bank credit/debit cards for depositing and withdrawing money from your sportsbook account. However, they are currently working on more banking options that should become available in the near future.

What sports are available for wagering on with Monkey Knife Fight in Maryland?

The MKF site offers the most popular sports in the U.S. These include NBA, NFL, and MLB, among many others. So whatever sport you are in-to chances are good this website will have it available.

How is Monkey Knife Fights customer service?

It is not very easy to get in touch with a live person for customer service. However, there are multiple ways to look up helpful information, and their service is friendly and has an average response time.