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Prop Betting Maryland

Prop Betting in Maryland is a staple of pretty much any other sportsbook. We wouldn’t be surprised if prop bets are how the majority of online betting sites make their cash. So, what is prop betting? How does it work? Are there any cons to prop betting? All of that will be answered on this page.

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Prop Betting ins and outs

Once you start to get serious about your gambling, it is likely that you will want to consider prop betting in Maryland. While these bets are inherently riskier than Moneyline bets, they are also a lot more lucrative

This means that you can generate rather substantial returns with a few decent calls. However, do make sure that you understand what you are betting on. Prop bets are one of the easiest things to get wrong. Many gamblers have lost reams of cash because they do not understand prop bets.

Best sites for Prop Betting Maryland 2024

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Prop Betting Maryland explained


The most common way to bet on a sport will be Moneyline bets (i.e., choosing the winner of the game) or point spreads which, effectively, are about choosing the number of points/goals, etc. are scored. Prop bets cover almost everything that doesn’t fall under these categories. So, the following would be seen as prop betting:

  • Betting on the first goalscorer
  • Betting on the number of points or goals an individual player gets
  • The distance a player runs
  • The number of fouls that occur
  • How many minutes a player plays, etc.

We are sure that you get the idea. You can think of prop as making side bets. Bets on individual events that may occur in a game, and these events are not going to be dependent on the outcome of the game.

How Do Odds for Prop Betting Work?

Odds for prop betting in Maryland work in exactly the same way as odds for any other type of bet. However, because prop betting normally has more than 2 possible markets for each bet type, you may find that the odds are a little bit longer.

For example, a Moneyline bet will only ever have two possible outcomes. A prop bet may have 5-10. Sometimes, it may even have a little bit more. Since the likelihood of each bet coming through is lower, the odds are higher.

Other than this, the odds are calculated in the same way. The sportsbook will produce the initial odds based on the statistical likelihood of an event happening. Once these odds are released to the public, they will be automatically adjusted based on where the money is being spent. This will help to ensure that the sportsbook always stands to make a profit from the bets.

Because prop betting odds tend to be a tough balancing act for sportsbooks due to the cash being spread around multiple bets, you may actually find that prop bets change their odds a lot more frequently than Moneylines or other two option bets.

The Pros of Prop Betting

We love prop betting in Maryland as it provides a nice little break from standard Moneyline bets. Sure, Moneyline bets are fairly easy to predict. However, when you are betting on sports regularly, Moneylines are just a safe bet. There is no real excitement there because, in 80% of cases, you will have a rough idea of who will win a match-up.

Prop betting is different. It is more of a strategic way of betting on an event. You can never reliably predict whether a particular event is going to occur. Because these bets are tougher to win, they have longer odds.

This means that $1 on a prop bet that wins could net you more cash than sticking $5 on a winning Moneyline. Although, once again, you do have that risk there.

If you do want one of the most lucrative types of betting available, then building up a prop bet with a parlay or two can go a long way. In fact, adding a prop bet to a parlay filled with Moneylines can boost the odds drastically. It is an exciting way to gamble, even if it does carry a lot of inherent risks.

The Cons of Prop Betting

We have already covered the fact that prop betting in Maryland is riskier than other types of bet. However, this is the reason why people enjoy prop betting. They love the risk and subsequent reward. There are a few other reasons why prop betting may not necessarily be for everybody, though.

For starters, if you love to hedge your bets, that doesn’t really work with prop betting. There are too many options for each betting market to reliably hedge bets. In fact, we doubt that it would even be possible in many betting markets. If you attempted to hedge, then you may end up making an even greater loss than if you just took a risk.

Parlay bets often require a decent understanding of the way a particular sport works too. This is because a person needs to be able to comfortably predict the odds of each particular event happening.

For example, whether one player has a greater chance of scoring a goal, etc. Prop betting isn’t really something that you can just jump into. If you did, then you would probably make a loss every single time.

Don’t get us wrong. Prop betting in Maryland is an exciting way to gamble. It just isn’t the right way to gamble for every punter out there. It requires a lot more time and effort for you to be able to get it right.

The Best Sites offering prop odds in MD


So, now that is out of the way, let’s talk about the best prop odds for Maryland sports betting. Now, nearly every single sportsbook in MD is going to offer prop bets. It is a staple form of betting for any betting company.

However, only some are going to make it worthwhile to place prop bets. You need a site that not only offers great odds but has a plethora of betting markets open. Here are five of our favorites currently operating in MD.

DraftKings Prop Betting

DraftKings loves to go all-out when it comes to prop bets. They have thousands of betting markets open at all times. These will be spread across a wealth of different sports. This includes some international ones.

PointsBet Prop Betting

PointsBet is the place to be if you are a lover of enhanced odds. While they do not always offer the most expansive selection of betting markets, we have often seen enhanced odds here that beat any other sportsbook in MD. Although, do bear in mind that they are only going to be open for a limited number of markets.

Barstool Prop Betting

If international events are more your scene, then Barstool Sportsbook can be a good choice. They go in heavy on soccer bets which, in many cases, will have countless prop betting markets open for them. Of course, you can also stick around the Barstool Sportsbook for

BetMGM Prop Bets

BetMGM doesn’t have a huge number of betting markets open. However, what they do well are those live bets. So, if you want some prop betting for in-play games, this should be one of the first places that you head to.

FanDuel Props

If you like to build up parlays, then FanDuel is worth checking out. Parlay bets here tend to have better odds than with other sportsbooks.

FAQ’s About Prop Betting in Maryland

Can you parlay prop bets in Maryland?

Most sportsbooks will allow you to parlay prop bets, yes. However, do bear in mind that the likelihood of successfully pulling off a parlay filled with prop bets is harder. Although, of course, the odds are going to be slightly better to counter that.

Do enhanced odds apply to prop bets in MD?

Yes. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, it will only ever be prop bets that receive enhanced odds. If a sportsbook in MD offers enhanced odds, then make sure that you read through the terms and conditions for that bonus.

How regularly do prop bet odds change in MD?

This depends on the popularity of the market. Betting odds change when people bet on a specific market. If there are a lot of gamblers, expect the odds to change a lot more frequently. On average, prop bets will change a lot more frequently than Moneylines, etc.

Can you hedge prop bets in Maryland?

You can, but it isn’t really recommended. Bet hedging is something that you only ever really find when a bet has two possible outcomes. It is very, very difficult to hedge a bet if the bet has more than two options. This is because if you do not bet on every eventuality, there is still a chance that your bet could lose.

Do live events support prop bets in Maryland?

Some do. A lot of sportsbooks in Maryland may not actually maintain that many prop bets for live events. This means that if you do not bet before the game starts, you won’t be able to take advantage of the prop betting. There are some prop bets that may exist during a game, but they may eventually disappear if that bet is no longer valid e.g., first goalscorer.