Peach Bowl betting Maryland

There’s plenty of people that love to bet on college football eager to get in on all the Peach Bowl betting in Maryland action, too. If you are one of those folks, you’re going to love the information in this quick guide that breaks down how to make smarter, more profitable bets during the Peach Bowl.

Peach Bowl bets guide in Maryland

The Peach Bowl, played in late December or early January every year since 1968, is a college football playoff fixture.

One of the most popular of all the bowl games in the college football season, the Peach Bowl helps decide what team moves forward to play in the national championship and is one of the most prestigious bowl games to get invited to.

Five Peach Bowl betting lines in MD


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PointsBet – You won’t ever feel like you are restricted in your Peach Bowl betting options when you go with PointsBet. They have more wager opportunities than maybe anywhere else.

DraftKings – If you are looking for a polished, clean, effortless to use mobile Peach Bowl betting experience, DraftKings is the number one way to go.

FanDuel – The beautiful thing about FanDuel is that they do not force you to bet a lot of money on the Peach Bowl (or any other game, for that matter) the way that some sportsbooks with higher bet minimums will.

Barstool Sportsbook – The Barstool community is what makes this sportsbook so popular. Being able to get betting tips from Portnoy and then put them into action on his own sportsbook is pretty cool, too.

Find the right Peach Bowl sportsbook MD


Before we get deeper into the nuts and bolts of Peach Bowl betting line action, how to read Peach Bowl betting odds, and specific strategies to make more profitable picks during this college football game, we need to really reinforce the value of finding the right Maryland online sportsbooks.

Nothing handicaps your ability to win (and actually get paid) more than signing up for the wrong Peach Bowl betting Maryland bookie.

Here are a couple of tips to make sure that never happens!

User friendliness matters

The user interface that the bookie you’ve signed up for features has a huge impact on your ability to get picks and quickly, to read each bowl betting odds differently and accurately, and to make the right moves that set yourself up for success with as little headache as possible.

The mobile experience should be dialed in

Most people are looking forward to being able to do some Peach Bowl betting from their phones these days, which is why the sportsbook you pick needs to have a really dialed-in and polished mobile experience.

Look for competitive odds and betting options

Not every sportsbook has the exact same NCAA football betting odds or Peach Bowl betting line. So you want to shop around for the most competitive odds and exactly the kinds of betting options you are after – especially if you are hunting for unique prop bets.

Double check banking options before signing up

Finally, it’s hugely important that you find a Peach Bowl betting Maryland platform that offers the banking choices you feel comfortable using. Find a platform that lets you deposit via your bank account or major credit and debit cards but one that also lets you withdraw your winnings directly into your bank account too.

Breaking down Peach Bowl betting options in MD


Moneyline Picks

Moneyline picks are the easiest of all the Peach Bowl betting line options to pick and choose from. All you’re doing here is picking the winner, really.

These Peach Bowl betting odds usually look something like this:

Cincinnati -150

Georgia +300

Peach Bowl game odds like that tell you that Cincinnati is the favorite, Georgia is the underdog, and that most money is coming in on Cincinnati to win.

Peach Bowl Totals

Sportsbooks (including the best Peach Bowl betting Maryland platforms around) have oddsmakers that sit around all day trying to figure out exactly how many points are going to be stored in a specific game, coming up with a Totals number.

Using the example above, let’s say that the totals for Cincinnati and Georgia in the Peach Bowl came to 58.5 points.

This would mean that anyone that bet the over would win if 59 total points were scored in the game, whereas anyone that bet the under would come home with all the money if they bet that 58 points or less were scored.

Peach Bowl Spread

Betting on the Peach Bowl point spread is a time-honored tradition, with spread action being some of the most popular football betting around (in the college game as well as in the NFL).

Oddsmakers decide how much they think the margin of victory will be in a specific game, attaching that number to both teams.

Using our earlier example, let’s say that the Peach Bowl point spread looked something like this:

Cincinnati -10.5

Georgia +10.5

Odds like this would mean that the oddsmakers are “handicapping” Cincinnati by 10.5 points. So to cover the spread, Cincinnati would have to win by 11 points or more.

It also means that oddsmakers are “giving” Georgia 10.5 points. That means that Georgia would need to either win outright or lose by no less than 10.5 points to cover their end of the spread, too.

Understanding Props, Parlays, and Teasers

Props, parlays, and teaser wagers are available from most Peach Bowl betting Maryland platforms, though parlays and teasers in specific can be a little bit harder to come by during this college football playoff game.

Prop bets are things like:

Who will score the first rushing touchdown?

Who will throw the first interception?

Which kicker will miss a field goal or extra point?

These are the kinds of Peach Bowl prop bets that can really shake things up a little bit, making the game more exciting to follow along in real-time and opening up an almost unlimited amount of betting opportunities.

Parlays and teasers combine multiple wagers (sometimes multiple Peach Bowl prop bets, even) into a single wager. Every individual bet then becomes a “leg,” and every leg of that wager needs to be a winner for everything to payout.

Lose even just one leg, though, and the whole bet slip becomes a dud!

Picks for betting on Peach Bowl in Maryland


How important is this year’s Peach Bowl?

Because there are six different bowl games that are rotated every year into and out of the semifinal round of the College Football Playoffs, the Peach Bowl isn’t necessarily as important a game as it might be in another year.

This can have a huge impact on how seriously teams take this game, and that has a huge impact on Peach Bowl betting odds as well as the teams that you decide to put money down on.

Is every player going to play?

It’s also important to make sure that every player is going to actually suit up and play during the Peach Bowl.

If you are betting on the Peach Bowl during a “down year,” you might find that star players actually keep themselves out of the game, not wanting to risk injury or lower their draft stock for the NFL.

That’s obviously a major consideration that will have ripple effects on the Peach Bowl betting line action for sure.

Defense, defense, defense!

If you have any doubt about where to put your money during the Peach Bowl, it’s never a bad idea to lean on the team that has the better defense (even if they are the underdog).

Great offenses often come to a grinding halt when they meet great defenses, especially at the college level. So this is something you want to keep your eyes on, particularly if you’re thinking about betting the Peach Bowl spread or the Peach Bowl over-under.

FAQ’s About Peach Bowl betting Maryland

When do the teams in the Peach Bowl get announced?

Teams that are going to be playing in the upcoming Peach Bowl are announced anywhere between the first week of December and the last week of December. So it’s not at all uncommon for teams from the SEC and the ACC to feature in this ballgame.

Is the moneyline worth betting?

While the money line doesn’t always have the most exciting payout number compared to the rest of the Peach Bowl betting action you can get into, it’s also the easiest of all the wagers to put down too.

It’s really up to you to determine whether or not the moneyline is where you want your money riding during the Peach Bowl!

Are Peach Bowl futures smart?

College football is an unpredictable monster through and through, even if it feels like Alabama isn’t ever going to disappear anytime soon.

Peach Bowl futures can have significant payouts if you hit, but trying to predict who’s going to be in the Peach Bowl – let alone who’s going to win the Peach Bowl – next year or multiple years into the future can feel like staring into a crystal ball.

Is it legal to bet on sports in Maryland?

Sports betting in Maryland is 100% legal, including online sports betting with the best Peach Bowl betting Maryland platforms around.

Should I tease bets during the Peach Bowl?

Teaser bets can be difficult to pull off during the Peach Bowl if only because so few sportsbooks actually offer this kind of action on a regular basis. That being said, if you really want to move the line in your direction (while giving up a bit of potential payoff), it might not be a bad idea to adjust the spread before you get in on a Peach Bowl bet.