WWE Betting in Maryland

Are you a WWE fan? WWE betting in Maryland gives you the opportunity to add more excitement to every match, and possibly win some money too! Today, we’re going to talk about WWE betting odds and the best WWE betting sites in Maryland. Find out what you need to know when it comes to putting money down on events like Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania odds.

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WWE wagers in MD

If you have a favorite WWE wrestler, you may want to bet on them to add more excitement to the events. Whether it’s a regular wrestling match or one of the championship events, there are many different ways that you can get your wagers in. While wagers are on the smaller side, many bettors have found value in these types of betting lines.

Best sportsbooks with WWE Betting in Maryland 2022

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  • Multiple in-game bonuses
  • Great VIP program
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Fanduel Sportsbook Bet $5, get $200 in free bets Bet now Fanduel Maryland review
BetRivers Sportsbook 2nd chance Free Bet up to $500
  • Daily odds boosts
  • Excellent loyalty program
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BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 First Bet Insurance Bet now BetMGM Maryland review
Pointsbet Sportsbook 2 Free Bets Up to $2,000
  • New special offer each day
  • Live same game parlay
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Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,500 Free Bet bonus
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Best recommendations for WWE betting in Maryland?


If WWE betting seems like something you may want to get in on, check out the following 5 Maryland online sportsbooks:

  • BetMGM MD: When you register for BetMGM, you can start placing bets on a number of different sports right away (as long as you’re eligible) because the verification process happens at the click of a mouse. They are also known for having one of the quickest payouts in Maryland, so you won’t have to wait long for your winnings.
  • DraftKings MD: Many bettors want to have fun with events like Wrestlemania betting odds without having to risk their entire savings. DraftKings allows bettors to place wagers as low as $5, so they don’t have to spend a lot to get in on the fun.
  • Fanduel MD: From top-notch customer service to an incredibly fast mobile app, Fanduel continues to surpass its users’ expectations. Anyone can take advantage of their incredibly attractive promotional offers for new and existing members.
  • Barstool Sportsbook MD: What makes Barstool Sportsbook stand out? It could be the high odds, exceptional welcome bonuses, or the helpful resources for WWE betting odds on their website. It’s easy to see why they are a hit with MD bettors.
  • Pointsbet MD: Bettors enjoy the many different options and unique wagering styles available to them with Pointsbet. This allows people to increase their odds and see more money with a win.

WWE events to bet on


Before getting into the ins and outs of WWE betting in Maryland, we should discuss the different WWE event betting in Maryland that air on TV. There are three particular wrestling betting events that get aired throughout the year. On Monday nights, viewers can tune in for Monday Night Raw.

Monday Night Raw has been airing since 1993 and currently has 5 different championships that are exclusive to the series. Since these matches were so popular, in 1999 WWE released a Tuesday night follow-up called Smackdown. There are currently 4 different Smackdown championships that bettors can have fun wagering on.

There are also 4 different championships for NXT matches. This is a separate division of WWE that’s focused on minor leagues. However, while those are the 3 main events there are other WWE events, like SummerSlam and WrestleMania, that players can bet on.

Joining a sportsbook for WWE betting in Maryland

Do you have any predictions for Royal Rumble 2021 betting odds? If you do, you may want to join a Maryland sportsbook to possibly win some money. There are many great sportsbooks in Maryland, but there are certain things you need to consider for the best chances with WWE odds.

Always make sure the sportsbook you join is legal and licensed to operate in Maryland. You will also need to check the URL bar for a closed padlock symbol to represent that the betting site is secure.

Now that we have security out of the way, you will want to make sure the betting site is compatible with the banking method you prefer to use. Make sure you check their regulations for both deposits and withdrawals. This is because there are certain payment methods that are accepted for payments but not withdrawals, like most major credit cards.

Another thing that you should consider before joining is your options. There are many Maryland sports betting sites that have attractive offers. You should compare each offer to see which one has the most value. On top of that, also compare reviews for each sportsbook and their WWE betting odds.

Different types of bets for WWE events


Now that you’re familiar with some of the different sportsbooks for WWE betting in Maryland, these are the different types of bets you can place:

  • First Time Winner: A style of prop bet where a bettor will only receive the prize if it’s their first time winning the event.
  • Longest Ring Time: Place a wager on which wrestler you predict will last the longest in the ring.
  • First To Appear: Bet on which wrestler you think will make the first appearance on the show.
  • Appearance Bets: Make a bet on whether a certain wrestler or type of wrestler (retired allstar, female champ, etc,) will make an appearance
  • Bout Outcome Bets: Instead of betting on who you think will win, you bet on how you think the match will end.
  • Elimination Bets: This is the most popular type of bet for Royal Rumble odds 2021. In a multi-player match, you place a wager on which wrestler will take out the highest number of players.

Why is WWE betting in Maryland becoming so popular?

Ever since sports betting became legal in Maryland, more people are taking interest in WWE betting odds. While these events aren’t as popular as major league sports events like NHL or NFL, they are worth checking out. WWE betting lines are a better choice for a casual bettor. Since the odds aren’t as high, players aren’t required to wager as much money.

This alone makes many bettors feel safer with WWE betting. Since they don’t wager as much money, the risk isn’t as high. Many bettors often notice bad lines in their sportsbooks as well. When you know how to spot these, it’s very easy to take advantage of them.

Bad lines often appear because most major sportsbooks are dedicated to the major events. NFL, NBA, and NHL all bring in more money and more problems to the sportsbook if there are any mistakes on the lines. Since all the focus is put into these big events, there’s a higher chance of a slip-up on the sportsbook’s behalf that could work out in your favor.

Another reason why WWE betting in Maryland is becoming so popular is that it’s just plain fun. While rooting for your favorite player may be exciting enough on its own, placing a bit of money on the event makes it even more interesting.

FAQ’s About WWE Betting in Maryland

If WWE matches are scripted, how are betting lines fair?

By now, most WWE viewers are aware that the events are scripted. Wrestling is purely for entertainment, which is exactly what WWE betting is for as well. There are no spoilers to events released to the sportsbooks beforehand to affect the WWE betting odds. Only a select few people know the outcome ahead of time and that information never gets out.

Can I bet on WWE events while traveling?

Gambling rules are different in every state. This means that you can not use a Maryland sportsbook if you travel out of state. If you do want to place wagers on a particular event while you’re away, you’ll have to join a sportsbook for the area that you are traveling to. Always review the rules and regulations per state so you know what to expect when you travel.

What personal information do I need to release in order to join a Maryland sportsbook?

To bet on WWE events online, you will need to join a sportsbook. However, these sportsbooks will need personal information to ensure you are of legal age (21 years+) to gamble. This is why it’s very important to make sure you are joining a legal and secure sportsbook so your information isn’t compromised. You will be required to give your name and birth date and may need to give a social security number.

What WWE betting trends are worth paying attention to?

One thing to keep in mind about WWE events is that since they are scripted, your predictions shouldn’t be based on athletic performance for accuracy. What you should be paying attention to is how wrestlers handle certain situations and the patterns of the writers. Once you’re familiar with both, it will become easier to make more accurate predictions.

What are the most common types of bets available for WWE events?

Before placing any style of WWE bet, you should know that there are often wagering caps. This means that you will be limited to how much you are allowed to bet. Since payouts are generally smaller for WWE betting, the bets are simple. You likely won’t find the options to place any complex bets, like parlays. WWE is all about entertainment, and to keep things fun for everyone the bets remain simple.