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Caesars Sportsbook Maryland

One of the oldest gambling companies in the United States, has finally launched Caesars Sportsbook MD. This newly launched sportsbook is there for those punters that want to be gambling with one of the most reputable brands in the United States. Continue reading about the Caesars Sportsbook in Maryland promo code and bonuses 2022.

Caesars Maryland promo code


The bonuses and promotions offered by Caesars Maryland can vary on occasion. When you are on their website, you should always check out their promotions tab. Some promotions only run for a few days at a time.

New Player Bonuses

The bonus that almost always seems to be available with Caesars is a matched deposit bonus. When you make the first deposit into your account, Caesars will match it up to $300 with a free bet. So, if you deposit $150, you get a free bet valued at $150.

On occasion, this Maryland sportsbook will also offer no-deposit betting bonuses in MD. During major events, new customers may be given a $10 free bet simply for signing up to their site.

  • Deposit match up to $300
  • $10 Free-bet

Caesars Maryland promo code

Regular players at Caesars do not need to feel left out, though. They will enjoy access to a loyalty system where they can earn points on all of their deposits. These points can be traded for cash, vacations, and all sorts of awesome items. On occasion, VIP players may also be offered matched deposits for certain bets, as well as special promo codes offered by Caesars Maryland.

Caesars sportsbook MD Review


In this Caesars sportsbook MD review, we are going to talk to you about what this site offers. We want to discuss the odds that you can expect, the sports that you can bet on, and even a little bit about their mobile app. We will leave no stone unturned in helping you to discover whether this site really is going to be fantastic for you.

Features of Caesars Maryland

Owing to Caesars’ place in US gambling history, the company really does know how to treat its patrons well. If you gamble through their sportsbook in Maryland, you will be able to enjoy several benefits. We will expand upon these throughout this page.

Loyalty Rewards at Caesars MD

Every time you make a deposit into your Caesars account, you will get points. These points can be traded for cash, vacations, etc. This is a system designed to reward regular players on the site.

Fantastic Odds

Due to their unique way of operating (having a limited number of sports), Caesars is able to offer fantastic odds for most of their events. In fact, in most cases, their odds are going to be better than most other sportsbooks in Maryland.

Company With History

Gambling through a company that has been in business for over 100-years should give you peace of mind. you know that when you gamble with them, you are in safe hands. Everything about their company shows they care, particularly their customer support.

Range of Betting Markets

Nearly all events should have several betting markets available. This means that you will be able to make the bets that you want to make.

Caesars MD sportsbook App


It is evident that Caesars Maryland sports betting site spent a huge amount of time developing both their iOS and Android apps. They have enough experience in the gambling industry to know that most punters are betting on the go nowadays.

They have tried to make this as simple as possible. The app is easy to navigate. It shouldn’t take any more than a couple of taps to get to where you need to in the app.

If you have an account that has been loaded with funds, then you can make bets in seconds. Even putting together your parlays should be simple on that screen. While Caesars MD sportsbooks app doesn’t have an extensive live betting system built into its site, you will be pleased to know that you can still engage in a small amount of live betting through the app.

Of course, there is nothing forcing you to use that app if you do not want to do so. The mobile version of their site is also great. It is just as smooth, and it functions in a very similar way to the app itself.

Banking Methods at Caesars Maryland

Caesars MD has an extensive number of deposit and withdrawal options available.

Deposits to Caesars MD account

You can deposit using the following:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • PayNearMe

Caesars also offers a Caesars prepaid card that you can top up whenever you wish. This functions in much the same way as your normal debit/credit card. Deposits using most methods should be instantaneous. The only option that takes a while is a bank transfer. This can take a few days.

Caesars Maryland payouts

If you have access to a Caesars Prepaid Card, then you can withdraw your winnings at any ATM. You can even use the card to make purchases in stores. If you do not have a prepaid card, then your withdrawal options include:

  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Bank Transfer

It will normally take a few days for withdrawals using those methods to process.

Sports Offerings – Caesars MD

Caesars Maryland isn’t going to have thousands and thousands of events to bet on. Unless there is a major event happening internationally (think along the lines of the World Cup or major tennis events), then their sportsbook tends to focus firmly on the American market. This means that you will be getting sports like:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Motorsports
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • MMA
  • Hockey

You may get some major events every so often added to this list, but that is exceedingly rare. We know that there will be a few punters that are a bit confused as to why Caesars Maryland sportsbook only has a limited number of sports.

However, let’s be honest for a second here. Do they really need tons and tons of sports? Most people are not going to be betting on most of them. It is a waste of time and resources to even offer them. We love the fact that Caesars has tried to keep to the basics.

Betting Markets

Betting markets available on Caesars Maryland will be your standard fare. This includes:

  • Moneylines
  • Point Spreads
  • Over/Unders

There should be a dozen or so markets available for each game. This means that there won’t be any shortage of options for you to bet on. Caesars also allows you to put together some rather amazing parlay bets. You can combine your bets in several different ways. You can even do it across sports if you really want. The odds for winning a parlay always seem to be tremendous.

Live Betting  Caesars MD

Some games will also have live betting available. However, do not expect it to be an incredibly sophisticated system. One of the aims of Caesars is to try and make gambling as simple as possible for those new to it. This means that live betting isn’t going to involve tons and tons of stats that you have to read. At the most, it is going to be a couple of over/unders and a moneyline bet. This is going to be more than enough for most people.

Caesars MD Odds

Remember what we said earlier about how Caesars tends to focus on just a few sports and events? There is a reason for this. It helps to keep the odds down. When a sportsbook covers countless events, particularly the niche ones, it is more likely to make a loss in some areas of the sportsbook.

To counteract this loss, they need to manipulate the odds for the main parts of their sportsbook to ensure that they are still profitting. Because Caesars does not have those niche sports listed, it doesn’t have to do this. This means that they are going to have some of the best sports odds available in Maryland the vast majority of the time.

For us, Caesars has always been our first port of call for checking out odds, because we know that they are going to offer a better deal than most competing sportsbooks.

Customer Support

You have three options available to you if you want to get in touch with customer support for Caesars Maryland:

  • Telephone
  • Live chat
  • Email

The first two options are going to be the quickest. Although, you do have to bear in mind that these options are only available from 8am EST to 12am EST each day.

However, since most people are going to be gambling between these hours, this probably isn’t going to be that much of a problem. An email will often take a working day or two to get a response. This is the best option if you have a slightly more complex problem that you can’t really sum up in a few lines via live chat.

Your best option for support will be to browse through their FAQ. Nearly every question that you could possibly have is going to be covered there. This means that you don’t have to speak to anybody at all.


Caesars is a reputable brand. When you gamble at Caesars Maryland, you know what to expect. This is a quality site with fantastic odds and a large number of betting options available. This is easily one of our favorite places to gamble online, and it will likely become yours too.

FAQ’s About Caesars Sportsbook MD

Can You Bet at Caesars in Maryland?

Yes. It is 100% legal to gamble at Caesars in Maryland. The site will check your address and location before it allows you to place your first bet, though.

What is the Caesars Sportsbook Loyalty Program?

This is a system that Caesars has designed for regular punters. Those that gamble regularly on the site will be able to earn points. These points can then be exchanged into various rewards.

Do Caesars Sportsbook in Maryland Offer Custom Bets?

No. Caesars will only allow you to bet on the markets that they show. This allows them to ensure they always offer the best odds possible. The only way to customize your bet is by putting together your own parlays.

How Long to Withdraw Winnings from Caesars Online?

With most methods, it should take a few days while Caesars run security checks. If you have a Caesars prepaid card, then you will be able to withdraw your winnings from an ATM right away.

How Often Do Caesars Change Their Promotions?

New promotions are being offered almost monthly on the site. They will always have the same staple bonuses, though. This includes matched deposits and their loyalty system.