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VIP Preferred betting in Maryland

More and more sites are now starting to offer VIP Preferred online betting in Maryland. It is easily one of the best methods for getting money into and out of a bank account. On this page, we want to talk a little bit about this payment method and share with you a whole load of information on how it actually works.

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Learn about VIP Preferred – Maryland sportsbooks

If you are looking for a payment method that allows you to make sports betting deposits from your bank account, then we suggest that you keep an eye out for sites that offer a VIP Preferred sportsbook in Maryland.

While withdrawals are not going to be the fastest in the world, it certainly is going to be a way to quickly top up your sports betting account whenever you need to do so.

Best betting sites that accept VIP Preferred in MD 2024

Caesars Sportsbook VIP Preferred betting in Maryland Caesars Sportsbook Up to $1,250 bonus Bet now Caesars Maryland promo code
BetRivers VIP Preferred betting in Maryland BetRivers Sportsbook Up to $500 in bonus bets
  • Great bonus terms
  • Excellent loyalty program
Bet now BetRivers promo code MD
DraftKings VIP Preferred betting in Maryland DraftKings Sportsbook Bet $5, get $150 in bonus bets
  • Same game parlay boosts
  • Multiple in-game bonuses
Bet now DraftKings promo code MD
Betfred VIP Preferred betting in Maryland Betfred Sportsbook Get up to $1,111 in Fred Bets Bet now Betfred Maryland promo code
BetMGM VIP Preferred betting in Maryland BetMGM Sportsbook Up to $1,000 in bonus bets
  • Free live streams
  • Early Cashout feature
Bet now BetMGM Maryland bonus code
FanDuel VIP Preferred betting in Maryland FanDuel Sportsbook Bet $5 get $200 in bonus bets Bet now FanDuel Maryland promo code
PointsBet VIP Preferred betting in Maryland PointsBet Sportsbook Five Second Chance Bets Up To $100 Each Bet now PointsBet MD review
Crab Sports VIP Preferred betting in Maryland Crab Sports Up to $250 in bonus bets
  • Great live betting options
  • Parlay boost
Bet now Crab Sports promo code

Best betting sites that accept VIP Preferred in MD


VIP Preferred is not the most common deposit method for sportsbooks in Maryland. However, luckily for you, we have tracked down some of the best online betting sites that you can use.

Caesars Sportsbook

Caesars Sportsbook Maryland is the home of the betting emperor. If you love your parlays to be randomized but with huge prizes on offer, then this is where you need to be. They have a plethora of betting markets open at all times.

This includes international markets such as Aussie rules. All of this is coupled with some tremendous odds that are nigh on unbeatable in Maryland.


FanDuel Maryland is well known for the fantastic bonuses to both new and regular players alike. Using the platform with VIP Preferred will give you access to tremendous odds, loads of betting markets, and even a bit of live betting.


BetMGM Maryland has often been heralded as one of the best sports betting sites in Maryland. Their site is tremendous, and you will even be able to deposit using their great mobile app.

What is VIP Preferred?


VIP Preferred is the brand name for a company that allows you to deposit and withdraw funds in MD, sending money to and from your sports betting account using ACH. VIP Preferred will essentially act as a direct link between the sportsbook and your bank account.

When you deposit money, VIP Preferred in Maryland will instantly take the money out of your bank account. When you withdraw, they will send the cash directly to your bank account within a couple of days. For those who cannot use a credit/debit card for whatever reason, VIP Preferred will be a great option.

Deposits using VIP Preferred

One of the major benefits of using a VIP Preferred online betting account in Maryland is the fact that deposits are quick. You will need to do a little bit of set-up before your first deposit, though.

Register for a VIP Preferred Account

You will need to begin by registering for a VIP Preferred account. You will likely be able to do this through your sportsbook. You will need the following to hand when you sign up:

  • A state ID to prove that you live in Maryland
  • Your bank account details.

Depositing money into your account

Once you have made your account, track down the deposit section of your online sportsbook. Look for an option that says either ‘VIP Preferred’ or e.check. From here, link your VIP Preferred account when prompted.

Type in the amount that you wish to deposit into your online betting account and the bank account that you want to send it from. Once you have completed this, the money should be available in your bank account instantly.

VIP Preferred withdrawals

If you want to withdraw from an online betting site in Maryland, you will need to have a VIP Preferred account. If you deposited using VIP Preferred, then you will already have one. After that, just follow this process:

  • Find the withdrawal section on the sportsbook
  • Select VIP Preferred
  • Select the amount that you want to withdraw
  • Sign in to your VIP Preferred account
  • Accept the withdrawal

The money should be available in your bank account within 3-5 days.

Pros of Vip Preferred sportsbooks Maryland

There is a reason why so many Maryland sports betting sites use VIP Preferred as their ACH provider. It is easily one of the best methods out there. Just look at some of the benefits that avid gamblers will be able to enjoy when they use ACH.

Quick deposits

Any deposit made via VIP Preferred in Maryland is going to be instant. This means that you are going to be able to top up your account nicely and quickly. There really is no faster way to get money from your bank account to your sports betting account without using a debit card.

Easy to use

Once you have made your VIP Preferred account, that is it. It is dead simple. Whenever you want to top up with your account, you just need to log in to your VIP Preferred account, tap a couple of buttons, and you are ready to roll.

Can withdraw to VIP Preferred

You can easily withdraw to VIP Preferred. Sure, it is going to be a slow process. However, it is going to be no slower than any other withdrawal method at sportsbooks in Maryland.

One of the major benefits of using VIP Preferred is that you can withdraw no matter your initial deposit method. So, if you deposited using a debit card, you can withdraw the cash using VIP Preferred. It just makes managing your winnings a little bit easier. If your looking to withdraw your money quickly in MD the state has a number of options available at the sportsbooks.


This method is 100% safe. At no point is anybody going to be able to deposit from your bank account without your say-so. They won’t be able to withdraw your sportsbook winnings to their own account either.

Can use the same account on multiple sites

Once you have an account, you can use it on any site that offers VIP Preferred online betting in Maryland. This makes it an incredibly convenient method.

VIP Preferred customer service is brilliant

While it is unlikely that you are ever going to be running into issues when you use VIP Preferred, you probably will be pleased to know that the customer support team is terrific. Any problems with a deposit or withdrawal tend to get ironed out rather quickly.

Cons of Vip Preferred for MD

While we do feel that VIP Preferred is one of the best ways to get money in and out of your bank account, you should probably be aware that there are a couple of downsides to using it. However, this isn’t just related to using VIP Preferred in Maryland. There are going to be downsides to all payment methods.

Must have a bank account

You must have a bank account in the United States to use this as a payment method. So, if you live in Maryland, but you have a bank account elsewhere, then you may not be able to use VIP Preferred.

Withdrawals can be slow

Sadly, while it is going to be quick to top up a VIP Preferred online betting site in Maryland, withdrawals are going to be a little bit slower. It is not uncommon for them to take between 3 and 5 days.

VIP Preferred will appear as a gambling transaction on your bank statement

While most people are not too fussed about whether gambling transactions appear on their bank statements, we do want to point out that this is a potential downside.

There are a few people that can be a little bit wary of having certain transactions appear on their statement, particularly if they have to show their bank statement to obtain a loan or something similar.

FAQs About VIP Preferred betting in Maryland

How long does a VIP Preferred withdrawal take in Maryland?

It is dependent on the betting site. It will normally take between 3 and 5 working days. You should always read through the terms and conditions for the online sportsbook to get an idea as to how long they believe the withdrawal will take.

How long do VIP Preferred deposits take in Maryland?

VIP Preferred deposits should be instant. In rare cases, it may take a couple of minutes. This is because there sometimes can be a small amount of delay in the payment processing system.

Is VIP Preferred safe at MD Sportsbooks?

Yes. It is 100% safe. Nobody other than you will have access to your bank account details. You are the only person that has the ability to deposit money into your sportsbook account. This means that it is one of the safest possible deposit methods around.

Are there fees for using VIP Preferred?

It depends on the online sportsbook. While VIP preferred does not charge any fees, there are some online betting sites in Maryland that may charge you to withdraw money from your account. It is important that you read through those terms and conditions, so you know what to expect.

Can an MD VIP Preferred account be used on different sportsbooks?