NFL betting in Maryland

Ready to put down your NFL bets in Maryland? Then you’ve come to the right spot! In this guide, we’re going to take you through your betting options, the best NFL sportsbooks and their sign-up bonuses, top tips for making your NFL betting experience profitable, and your frequently asked questions and answers. Let’s begin!

NFL Sports Betting in MD

Maryland is one of the last states to legalize betting on Football. But even so, it’s rapidly becoming one of the most competitive markets in the nation. NFL betting in Maryland is easy. Be sober, be smart, be NFL sportsbook wise.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a question. Peruse the FAQs below or send us a message. We’re always happy to help with your MD NFL betting queries.

Understand Your NFL Betting Options Maryland


Professional NFL bettors know that the most popular football bets are the money line, point spread, and total. So we’ll break each of these (and others) down.

NFL Totals in MD

Totals betting is the predicted final score of both teams. You need to figure out whether the final score will be over or under the specified total. It’s quite a tricky concept to wrap your head around as a lot of research needs to be done leading up to game day.

NFL Point Spread

In football, a point spread is made by the odds experts to give an advantage/disadvantage based on a predicted margin of defeat/victory. Here, the underdog is given an advantage to not lose.

In other words, the favorite team would be at a disadvantage and would need to win the game by a pre-determined number of points.

NFL Moneylines

Sometimes called a straight-up bet, you simply need to pick the team you believe will win the game. Talent and skill differences are often present between the teams. Therefore, the odds come at a premium for the favorite.

Why? Because there’s less chance that they’ll lose the game against the underdog. NFL lines are often similar in all NFL sportsbooks in this case. But it’s still worth shopping around.

NFL Futures

Futures bets are made on things that could occur at the end of the football season. Some popular futures bets include:

  • NFL Regular-Season Win Totals
  • NFL Regular-Season MVP
  • Odds to win the Conference
  • NFL Defensive Player of the Year

We wouldn’t recommend futures for new bettors. You’ll have to wait weeks/months for the outcome, which can be stressful.

NFL Picks and Parlay

A parlay is when you make numerous picks like NFL picks against the spread and totals on separate games but on one ticket. To profit from the parlay, all your bets need to come true. In some cases, you can bet on two different events occurring in the same game.

NFL Teasers

Teasers allow you to adjust point spreads in your favor. You need all your bets to win. But, you can adjust the totals lines from the bookies to decrease your risk. Generally, NFL teasers begin at 6 points and increase to 15 depending on the NFL sportsbook in MD (hence why line shopping is important).

NFL Game and Player Props

Prop bets are popular among intermediate to professional bettors. You don’t bet on the final matchup outcome. Instead, you look at player performance to determine an over or under-bet.

Props include but are certainly not limited to:
  • Coin toss
  • Passing yards
  • Anytime touchdown scorer
  • First touchdown scorer
  • Running back over/under
  • Length of US national anthem
  • Which players make it to the Draft next round

Best NFL sportsbooks in Maryland


Picking the right MD sportsbooks is just as important as placing smart bets. Below you’ll find the top 5 online betting sites in Maryland.

FanDuel – NFL sportsbook Maryland

FanDuel NFL sportsbook MD has been a go-to betting site for US bettors since its launch in 2018. The NFL sportsbook offers a generous welcome bonus of up to a $1,000 risk-free bet when you place your initial wager. Moreover, the mobile app lends itself to making easy NFL prop bets and has a wide selection of other betting options too.

DraftKings NFL Sportsbook MD

With a sleek interface, NFL live betting options, irresistible $1,000 deposit bonus. DraftKings truly has it all. As an industry leader, you can’t go wrong placing your NFL bets through this sportsbook. The withdrawal and deposit options are excellent, and they were even the first to bring some NFL props to market!

PointsBet – NFL Sportsbooks Maryland

PointsBet attacks betting from a different angle. Innovation and renovation seem to be at the forefront of its developers’ minds.

The NFL sportsbook boasts a wide range of options, including custom bets and points betting. Not to mention that the site is super competitive with its NFL spread odds. If other bookies say +140, PointsBet says +150.

William Hill NFL Sportsbook

With a risk-free bet of up to $500 from one of the largest NFL sportsbooks in the USA, you know you’re in safe hands. Easy navigation and an excellent on-the-go betting feature set this bookie apart from the competition.

BetMGM NFL Sportsbook in MD

BetMGM NFL sportsbook MD offers a substantial welcome offer (risk-free bet up to $600) and has some of the best NFL odds. If parlay betting is your niche, an account with this NFL sportsbook will do you well.

NFL Betting Maryland: Best NFL Bets


272. Recognize this number? Avid NFL fans certainly will!With the season approaching, NFL announces a regular-season expanded schedule that includes 17 games for all teams. Yep, 272 games to bet on!Since there is so much football happening, you’ll want to ensure you have lots of tricks up yourself. So, here are some tried and true ways you can make a profit with your NFL Maryland betting this season:


Before placing your bets, do your homework. Gut feelings aren’t always right. In fact, they can lose you a lot of money. Analyze past games, look at the statistics, find trends, and find a betting system that works. Then, place your bets.

Find your edge

As a new bettor, you’ll want to bet on every game. But don’t. You can’t turn a profit when you bet on each game — especially when there are 272 of them! When you have an edge (i.e., an angle that gives you incredible value), you’ll know without trying to convince yourself.

Understand where the profits hide

Correctness doesn’t mean you’ll turn a profit. Sometimes, the risk that you’re wrong is not worth the feel-good factor of being right. You should wager on value rather than the outcome in some cases. Ask yourself this question, “if I win, is the payout good enough?”.

Check injuries

Football is a team game. Injuries, no matter how small, can throw off their morale and ability to win. Understand who missed practice, their in-game role, and any injuries they may have.

Shop around for the best NFL odds

Make accounts at various NFL sportsbooks. Their odds may be similar, but one is always better than the others.

Bet sober or not at all

You’re right. It’s common sense. But it’s easy to fall into the drink-bet-drink-bet trap. Seriously, it impairs your judgment. Just stay sober while you deal with your finances.

Take it easy

Compulsive betting hardly ever leads to profit. If you’re sitting on the fence, do not place a bet. Take your time and make your mind up before parting with your cash.

Know individual matchups

One-to-one player matches can drastically change the outcome of a game. Pay close attention to weak offensive tackle against all-star edge-rushers.

Pay attention to location

Home-field advantage matters. Look at the teams’ home vs. away records before betting.

Don’t be a sheep

Trends are great. But knowing the context behind these trends is even better.

FAQ’s About NFL Betting in Maryland

Is NFL betting Maryland safe?

Yes! As long as you follow our guidelines on the best legal NFL betting sportsbooks in MD, you’ll have a fun and safe experience.

What kinds of bets should i make as a newbie?

We suggest going for Moneyline bets if you’re a novice NFL bettor. Gaining confidence with straightforward bets gives you a chance to understand the gambling world before diving into the deep end.

Where does Maryland’s sports betting revenue go?

Officials conclude that sports betting generates around $20 million every single year in tax revenue. The November 2020 ballot states that this money will go directly into the public education system.

Which NFL teams should i place bets on?

Bet for whoever you like! We can’t insist on placing bets for one team or another. However, if you want to stay true to your hometown, the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Football Team should be your first pick.

How can I improve my NFL betting strategy in MD?

Keep these pro tips in mind when trying to improve your NFL betting MD strategy: Find trends in the statistics and Shop for the best NFL betting lines. Make an account at different online sportsbooks and check each at the time you wish to place your bet. You’ll receive the best lines this way.