World Series betting Maryland

Any fan will tell you that the World Series is the pinnacle of the season. Bettors of all backgrounds can now get together for World Series betting in Maryland with ease. This how-to page will ensure you are prepared for the best of the ball season.

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How to bet on the World Series in MD


When we talk about betting on the World Series, we don’t just mean putting twenty bucks on the table against your cousin Jimmy as you watch the game at home.

Professional Maryland sports betting is now primarily done online, from apps to complete websites. So, for example, you have the option of betting on the World Series months before it occurs up until during the actual game, called in-game betting.

While in-game betting is a bit more rambunctious than betting before the game, both options are very exciting. Online sites may have in-game betting, typical bets, or both. So if you’re feeling confident, why not try out both?

In-Game betting

In-game betting has grown exponentially over the years. This is when bettors place their wagers after the game has started. As the game progresses, the betting lines change, and new bets can continue to be placed. If you choose this way of betting on the World Series, you’ll want to go in prepared and knowledgeable.

How to choose your MD betting site

The betting sites you’ll see in Maryland are called sportsbooks. Many bettors utilize multiple Maryland sportsbooks to place their bets depending on the sport, match, odds, and promotions.

Choosing your sportsbook(s) is a personal decision, so make sure to do your research. Some things to consider include the website’s processing speeds, security, available bets, customer service, and speed for payouts.

Since you’re looking to bet on the World Series in MD, see if any sportsbooks have World Series-specific promotions. If you’re already signed onto a sportsbook, check to see if you can opt-in to these promotions as well.

In all cases, keep in mind which bets you plan to make, as some sites only use “to win” bets for the World Series. These bets just include your choice of winning team and do not allow for more detailed or risky options.

The best World Series betting sites in MD


World Series betting Maryland is new and full of options. We hope you are as picky choosing your sportsbook for MD Baseball betting as you are in choosing your favorite team. Even so, a little guidance can’t hurt. Here are some highlights from our top choice sportsbooks, where you can bet on World Series and other event betting in Maryland.


BetMGM Maryland is a reputable, regulated, and well-connected sportsbook brand. They accept a wide array of payments from PayPal to PayNearMe options. As a big Maryland sports betting bonus, they also include free live-streaming of most games for their bettors!


Pointsbet is a great sportsbook, especially if you already have some experience in the world of betting. Experienced bettors have a wide selection of sports to bet on in MD, including prop bets at their fingertips on the Pointsbet app. Plus, their system allows the bettor to win up to 10x their wager!


Draftkings Maryland provides an efficient live-betting section to ensure that you’ll be both watching the game and participating in the betting once the World Series arrives. In addition, their bank transactions are highly secure, and they have a payout speed of as fast as one day.


Fanduel Maryland provides a nicely varied betting menu, with up-to-speed live betting as well. Their rewards program is enticing for new and old users alike, and you’ll be sure to appreciate the easy app interface.


Barstool Sportsbook Maryland has stood out among others for its promotions. Many are unique from all other sportsbooks, and they constantly shift and add new promotions to the table.

Key terms in World Series betting in Maryland


Not all betting is created equal. Each sport has its own terminology that is used within its circle of fans. Before knowing if your team can beat the odds to win the World Series, you need to know what that means. Below you’ll find some key terms to help you navigate World Series betting.

Air move

This is a reciprocal move where one sportsbook changes the line on a match because other sportsbooks have done the same. The contrary would be when a sportsbook changes the line depending on the bets they receive.


These are two descriptions for the staked amount of a bet. Don’t let their literal meanings fool you. If you bet to win $1,000, your bet is a dime. If you’ve bet to win $100, your bet is a dollar.


This term is specific. If you have action, you have a bet. What’s special about this in betting is that even if the starting pitchers change, that bet counts. If the pitchers change with the odds, you will get the new odds.


These terms are associated with risk. The bettor is “laying” odds if the amount they risk is more than the possible payout they receive if their bet proves accurate.

When you are laying odds, the spread will take points from your chosen player or team. In this case, you are wagering for the favorite team AKA the team that is most likely to win. The opposite of laying odds would be “taking.”


In the betting world, sports handicapping occurs between two unequal players or teams. This is assigning the likelihood that a team will win a game or a series of games. An individual who handicaps is labeled a handicapper.


The terms and spread of a bet are called the line. The words “spread” and “line” are commonly interchanged. For example, an oddsmaker expects that one team will win by X amount of points. This X number is the line.

Different World Series bets available in MD


MLB betting in Maryland offers more than a handful of betting options. The ones you choose depend on your interests, experience, and sportsbook(s). Here are a few of the most common ones for World Series betting.


Moneyline bets are at the heart of World Series betting in Maryland. This is the clear-cut bet on which team you think will win, period. When reading a moneyline bet, the negative number next to your team signals the amount you have to wager to win $100. For example, let’s say you see the following:

  • New York Yankees -120
  • New York Mets -101

To win $100 from betting on the Yankees, you must stake $120. For the Mets, you stake $101. Typically, the underdog team requires a lower investment for the same winnings compared to the favorite team.

F5 Bets

Within moneyline bets, you also have the option of F5 bets. These allow the bettor to wager on only the first five innings of the match. The only requirement is that the bettor handicaps starting pitchers and then analyzes their performance during those innings.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are short for “proposition” bets. These are more detailed options where you can bet on things like whether the game will have extra innings, who will score first, or which pitcher will have the most strikeouts. World Series prop bets are a fun way to hone in on the aspects of the game you’re best at analyzing.

Let’s see another imaginary example with the Yankees v. Mets that we may see via our sportsbook.

Extra Innings

  • Yes Odds: +700
  • No Odds: -1250

In this scenario, had you bet $100 correctly that the game would go into extra innings, you would win $700. However, if you thought it wouldn’t, which is much more likely, you would only win $100 if you bet a whopping $1,250.

Over/Under (Total)

Total betting is just as its name implies – betting around the total number of runs sportsbooks expect to be scored during the match by both teams.

Let’s say, in our Yankees v. Mets example, the sportsbook lists the total number of runs as 8.5. The bettor can then choose if they expect the game will end up with fewer or more runs than 8.5. If there are 9 runs in the game, over-bettors will receive the winnings. If there 8 or fewer runs, under-bettors are the winners.

Against the Spread/Run Line

When you’re working with a spread bet, you are betting on a team to win by a particular number of runs. Also referred to as the Run Line, let’s see a spread example below.

New York Yankees -1.5/New York Mets +1.5

If you want to bet on the favorite (in this case, the Yankees), they must win by 2 or more runs for you to collect winnings. On the other hand, let’s say you shoot for the Mets. These underdogs don’t need to win for you to receive a payout, but they can’t lose by 2 or more runs.

Maryland odds for the World Series


You won’t get far into betting if you don’t understand the odds at MD sportsbooks. World Series betting requires the bettors to read, analyze and understand this concept. This helps not only for World Series odds but for World Series futures odds and the odds for playoffs, too.

How to read the odds

Let’s take an example of a moneyline bet, outlined previously. Once you are registered at your chosen sportsbook, you’ll want to see the moneyline odds for the series you’re betting on. Let’s say they are the following:

  • New York Yankees -200
  • New York Mets +170

You may already know that the (+) sign signals the Yankees as the favorite team in the match, while the (-) signals the Mets as the underdog.

In this example, as you’ll likely see across World Series betting sites in Maryland, we used American odds formatting. Other formats include Decimal or Fractional, which are more common in Europe or Australia.

In the above scenario, let’s imagine you bet $100 on the Yankees. If they won, you’d get a total payout of $150. This includes your original wager, plus $50 winnings.

Imagine you had instead bet on the underdog Mets, and they proved victorious. In this case, you would receive your $100 plus your winnings of $170. If you’re curious about other odds examples, there are plenty of odds calculators online to help you visualize the possible outcomes.

Putting it all together

Stepping into the world of World Series betting in MD may seem intimidating. But, luckily, with your passion for the game, quick wit, and a little help from your friends (us), it will become a walk in the park.

Get your sportsbook up and running and stay up-to-date with your top teams and players. Begin with the basic bets. As your expertise increases with more complicated wagers, your confidence and winnings will surely increase along with it!

FAQ’s About World Series betting Maryland

Is It Legal to bet on World Series Games?

Access to World Series and betting is increasing every year. In Maryland, you can now legally and securely bet on World Series games without issue.

Should I Participate in Live Betting?

Many spectate that live betting is the future of the World Series betting industry. No matter the case, live betting provides a unique thrill that comes with the emotions of the game. Participate if you’d like, but remember to rationalize your emotions meanwhile!

Which World Series bets are best for beginners?

Simple wagers are the easiest to start. These include placing outright bets on winners, such as moneyline bets or over/under bets around the total number of runs in a game.

What Strategies Can I Use While Betting?

Keep an eye on the public consensus for over/under bets. This, along with general betting trends across games, is a good way to understand why the odds for a game are the way they are.

Who Should I Bet on?

Choosing players or teams can be tricky. So if you seem to be scrambling for information, get some Free Picks from online experts. These suggested bets can guide your future wagers.