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FIFA World Cup betting in Maryland

The talk about the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar surely got louder and louder as it neared. Everyone is definitely feeling all that betting excitement and enthusiasm. Luckily, the state of Maryland launched mobile sports betting on November 23, 2022, so bettors in MD can participate!

Allow us to walk you through the whole World Cup betting extravaganza and prep you for your very first wager!

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The ultimate FIFA World Cup betting guide in MD


More and more people are getting into betting on the World Cup. If you’ve been thinking about jumping headfirst into the action but aren’t sure of how to sift through all the different FIFA World Cup betting odds, lines, and wager opportunities in Maryland, this is the perfect guide for you! Let’s get right into it.

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Picks and Trends for World Cup betting

As someone who will be participating in World Cup betting, you shouldn’t just make up your predictions. Considering the trends and tips in the betting world will play a huge part in making your predictions come true, according to our World Cup betting predictions.

One of the things you need to take note of is that “the underdog never wins”. In sportsbook betting, the “underdog” is the team who has higher paying odds. This can be checked on moneyline bets.

So regardless of the competition, the underdog between the opposing teams almost never wins, and that’s why people bet on the team with the lower-paying odds to play safe.

Another would be that “the top players are not from the winning squad’. While this may be confusing, it simply means that the best players in the World Cup cannot ensure a win for their team. Most teams that consist of top players have only won five times, or probably even less.

Current World Cup Tournament Schedule

Current World Cup Standings

Betting On The World Cup in Maryland 2022

The Basics

All sportsbook betting in Maryland will be available immediately after the World Cup starts. The availability of betting types varies from retailer to retailer.

Now that online wagering has launched, all bettors will be able to participate in World Cup betting in Maryland.


Tournament bets present equally fair chances to the bettors since only licensed sportsbooks are allowed to accept wagers, and the winners and statistics will be officially announced right away.

Betting Types

What makes the whole betting-on-the-World-Cup even more fun is that you have many options to choose from.

You won’t always be gambling on which team will win. There are also bets on who will be the top goalscorer, the total goal count, who will get eliminated, who will move to the next stages, and so much more.

All betting types vary from market to market. So make sure to check out all of them and see which is best for you. You should also take note of a sportsbook’s betting rates, promotions, and deposit and withdrawal conditions to avoid any hassle.

They will also give you the option to wager early or be a buzzer-beater. We highly recommend placing your bets a few days before the game. This is so that you’ll have enough time to familiarize yourself with your chances of winning.

With the time you have, you can study the two opposing teams, their win percentages, their players, and their overall performance rate. You don’t want to risk your money on a bet you might lose because you just found out that your team’s best player won’t be playing.

If you’re into thrilling experiences, you may also try live betting. It’s self-explanatory; you’ll be placing your wagers while the game is ongoing. Most people prefer this type of betting since it gives them all the time they need to prepare. It also allows them to see the odds of the game itself.

Favorites to win the World Cup 2022

The World Cup betting favorites are the teams who often win in tournaments, including the winners of past FIFA World Cups.

By knowing the betting favorites, you’ll increase your chances of winning parlays since you already have something to hold onto. This will also allow you to compare whether one of the opposing teams has a good record.

One of the teams you should set your eyes on is Brazil, as a five-time world champion and an all-star team, this surely heightens your odds.

With their bold team, France also has a great chance of winning just like they did in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. They had a disheartening turnout that no one expected at the Euro 2021. This means that they would most likely do their best to ensure their chances this time by training harder.

If you’re looking for more options, you can also place wagers on teams that haven’t won the tournament in quite a while. This is as long as they do well in the semi-finals, which guarantees them great odds.

One of these teams is England, their last win was the 1966 World Cup. There’s also Belgium, Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Even though they haven’t won the World Cup in a while, they perform very well and are worth a shot.

An honorable mention is Argentina, a team that has played against Brazil so many times. This only means that they have most likely memorized their playing style and could have already come up with a counter to it for this year’s World Cup. Plus, they’ve got Lionel Messi and a number of great players as well.

Dark Horses

The dark horses of World Cup betting are the teams who unexpectedly surpassed and outperformed everyone’s expectations in their past few games. These are teams that are worth a shot as well since they may be in their prime.

For example, in the 2018 World Cup, Croatia surprised the entire soccer world by being in the World Cup final in Russia. It was definitely a great outcome and a big shock to all, and that is why they are seen as a team that will take a step further in the 2022 tournament.

Another World Cup dark horse would be Serbia. They are known to have a premier central attacker in their team, Dusan Vlahovic. Many believe that this player can carry his entire team up to the knockout stage of the tournament, and that’s definitely a great odd.

Other teams that are very talented and have great potential in winning the finals are Columbia, Denmark, and Uruguay. Their sportsbook odds are always high (up to +10,000) since everyone expects them to score a goal.

As a newbie in the sportsbook world, one thing you should know is to never underestimate the host of the World Cup.

This time, it will be Qatar, and even though this is their first time in the World Cup and their team isn’t star-studded, they have an advantage. They’ll be playing in the comfort of their home, and the majority of the audience would be on their side, which only gives them more motivation and potential, so they’re definitely worth the benefit of the doubt.

Past Results

One of the best ways to familiarize your chances in the upcoming World Cup is to study the outcome of the past FIFA World Cup. Knowing the winning teams and the awarded players will not only increase your odds of winning a parlay but also other types of bets like player props.

The last FIFA World Cup, hosted by Russia, ran from the 14th of June to the 15th of July.

In the final match, France won against Croatia with a score of 4-2. The third-place match winner was Belgium with a 2-0 score against England. And in the semi-finals, France won against Belgium in a final of 1-0 and Croatia beat England in a 2-1 final.

With 6 scored goals and zero assists, Harry Kane from England won the Golden Boot award, while Luka Modric from Croatia won the Golden Ball award. And the Golden Glove award went to Thibaut Courtois from Belgium.

The officiators gave a total of four players red cards in the tournament due to multiple offenses. These are Carlos Sanchez from Columbia, Jérôme Boateng from Germany, Igor Smolnikov from Russia, and Michael Lang from Switzerland.

Betting the FIFA World Cup Tournament in MD


Moneyline Winner

Of course, you can also decide to get into the event betting Maryland sportsbook action by betting the entirety of the World Cup tournament all at once. Instead of picking wagers on individual games, you instead pick wagers on the tournament in general.

The most popular pick with this approach is choosing the “Moneyline winner,” the team that you think will come home the champion when the tournament is over. These kinds of wagers usually look something like this:

  • France -1100
  • Brazil +100
  • Germany +300
  • England +700
  • The United States +900

This lets you know that France is the overall favorite (in this example, anyway), and the smaller positive numbers let you know that those underdogs are more likely than the rest to come out on top if an underdog wins.

World Cup Props in MD

World Cup tournament prop bets are a big hit, real FIFA World Cup favorites for folks that like to bet on prop bets that are fun, a little “out there,” and that adds a bit of extra excitement to a digital betting slip.

Some World Cup props can be things like how long specific renditions of national anthems are going to be, how many total goals are scored throughout the tournament, how many total penalty minutes are going to be assessed during the tournament, how many goals a specific team is going to score throughout the tournament, etc.

The overwhelming majority of quality World Cup betting Maryland platforms will let their players put down all kinds of different prop bets not only before the tournament starts but also in the middle of the action.

Future Wagers

Futures offer some of the most enticing FIFA World Cup odds of any betting action this tournament provides, but they are also amongst some of the riskiest wagers you can make. We are, after all, talking about a tournament held every four years.

A lot of things can change in just four years. Certain FIFA World Cup favorites today may not look anything like FIFA World Cup favorites in two years, three years, or in four years when the next tournament rolls around.

You don’t want to be stuck with that pick (and out that money) should something happen to the national team coach, stud players, or overall structure of the team in general. Bet World Cup futures at your own risk!

Sportsbooks for the World Cup in Maryland


At the end of the day, it is hugely important that you’ve made sure to sign up for the right FIFA World Cup betting Maryland platform to get your wagers in. This is also a good thing to do in all contexts, like when you want to bet on the MLS in Maryland.

You want a FIFA World Cup betting platform that is fast and responsive (giving you a chance to take advantage of MD betting odds and lines before they change and shift). You also want a platform that is reputable, trustworthy, as well as safe, and secure.

It’s important to read reviews and testimonials about the different FIFA World Cup betting Maryland platforms from people who actually place bets on those platforms. To help point you in the right direction, here’s a rundown of some of our favorite list of Maryland sportsbooks available today.

  • BetMGM Maryland – Really polished, and professional, with lots of FIFA World Cup action and a plethora of sports to bet on. Run by the MGM resort and Casino organization.
  • Caesars Sportsbook Maryland – Almost unlimited FIFA World Cup odds and betting variety, great lines and prop bet choices, and fantastic bonuses and promotions.
  • PointsBet Maryland – Maybe the best mobile experience in the industry, with solid odds, great customer service and support, and unique Pointsbetting opportunities.
  • FanDuel Maryland – Very low betting minimum requirements, solid banking options, fast payouts for winnings, and generous deposit bonuses.
  • BetRivers Maryland – World-class community.

FAQs About FIFA World Cup betting in Maryland

How should I research different FIFA World Cup bets in MD?

It’s important to have a look at how the players on each individual national team have been performing for the last year or so. That’s going to give you the best predictor of their success going forward. You’ll also want to see how these teams stack up historically during the FIFA World Cup tournament too.

Is live betting in MD available during the FIFA World Cup tournament?

A lot of sportsbooks are going to offer live betting options throughout the FIFA World Cup tournament. Some FIFA World Cup betting Maryland platforms, though, are only going to offer this kind of action after the group stage has completed and the knockout stage begins.

What are some good beginner bets in MD for the World Cup?

Moneyline bets are always really easy for newbies to get started with. The spread and totals bets are generally pretty simple and straightforward, too.

Is betting on the World Cup legal in Maryland?

Betting in the state is 100% legal in the state. The United States Supreme Court affirmed the legality of sports betting back in 2018, but Gov. Larry Hogan took things a step forward and signed Maryland legislation into law in 2020, giving Maryland citizens the opportunity to bet online, too.

How do I get my winnings from World Cup bets in Maryland?

Each FIFA World Cup betting Maryland platform will have its own specific rules and methods for handling banking. Getting your money out of your sportsbook account and into your bank account generally involves bank transfers, paper or electronic checks, or digital payment processors, though.

How do teams qualify for the FIFA World Cup?

The FIFA World Cup sources their total of 32 playing teams from five or six confederations (OFC-Oceania may or may not be sending in a representative).
These confederations are UEFA-Europe, CAF-Africa, AFC-Asia, CONCACAF-North and Central America, CONMEBOL-South America, and OFC-Oceania. All confederations get a specific amount of representatives they’re allowed to send into the World Cup, basically the best they’ve got.
This means that at least one team from these confederations lands a spot in the playoffs and gets to fight for the World Cup Champion award. To add up, the team that represents the host of the tournament guarantees them a place in it.

How are the final groups in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Group A consists of Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, and The Netherlands. While group B has England, Iran, the USA, and Wales.
Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland are what make up group C. And France, Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia will be group D.
For group E we have Spain, Costa Rica, Germany, and Japan. And for group F we have Belgium, Canada, Morocco, and Croatia.
Then, group G has Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon. And finally, group H has Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, And the Korea Republic.

Which teams have the most and least odds in the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Before you plan on wagering on this year’s World Cup, it’s important for you to know the odds. This is so that you can prepare your budget realistically and weigh your chances with each team.
In this coming tournament, the teams with the highest odds are Costa Rica, Iran, and Saudi Arabia with 50000 odds. While the ones with the lowest odds are Brazil (+400), France (+600), and Argentina (+650).