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Over/Under Betting Maryland

If you have ever noticed a sports fanatic that’s more focused on the number of points scored in a game instead of who’s winning the game, you might be wondering what they are up to. Maybe they just aren’t a fan of either team or perhaps they are into over/under betting in Maryland, a unique and exciting style of sports betting.

Over/under betting, also referred to as totals betting, is a popular form of sports betting where only one thing matters: whether or not you think the final outcome will be over or under the totals line set by a sportsbook.

Totals Betting MD

We cover over/under (totals) betting in detail in this article, including which Maryland sportsbooks are your best bet when making this type of wager.

We’ll begin by explaining what exactly under/over-betting is. And don’t forget – when we say “totals” betting, that’s the same thing as “over/under” betting. You may also see over/under abbreviated as “O/U” in some cases. Now that we have that covered let’s get started!

Best Over Under Bets in Maryland


You get the basics of over/under betting now, but what are the best sportsbooks in Maryland for this type of betting? We have compiled a list of our top picks, including the incentives for new customers so that you can make an informed decision.

Let’s get started with one of the biggest sportsbooks in the industry: DraftKings.

DraftKings Over Under betting

DraftKings Maryland is a well-established leader in the DFS industry. DraftKings is one of the best sportsbooks in Maryland as its pays out in the billions and Maryland sports betting promos pretty much everything a sports enthusiast would want when it comes to betting options.

As a new customer, you can receive up to $1,050 in bonuses after creating an account and placing your first totals bet. You also get $20 in free play after depositing a minimum of $5 after signing up.

FanDuel Over Under bets

Right up there at the top of the sports betting industry with DraftKings is FanDuel. FanDuel Maryland is experienced, offers extensive training, and provides excellent customer service to all customers, especially new ones. It’s definitely one of the best sportsbooks in Maryland.

Just check this out – your first bet is risk-free up to $1,000. Say your first over/under bet doesn’t go as planned, and you end up losing. That’s fine – you probably learned a little, and on top of that, FanDuel will refund you the amount of the wager up to $1,000 in site credit.

All you have to do is create a FanDuel Maryland account and deposit cash. Then wager on your favorite sporting event!

BetMGM Over Unders

BetMGM Maryland is one of our sportsbook picks for several reasons. BetMGM has an exceptional site that’s beautiful and user-friendly. Your first bet is risk-free up to $600, so if you lose, you get the amount of the wager back in site credit. You just have to create an account and make a deposit.

PointsBet Over Under odds

PointsBet Maryland got its start in Australia and is now one of our favorite sportsbooks in the great American state of Maryland. PointsBet has a unique take on sports betting that’s refreshing and exciting.

It’s called Points Betting, and it’s a style of over/under betting that is not just about a bet coming in over or under the total, but how many points over or under the bet is.

The Maryland sportsbook sets a totals line at 41. You bet that the final combined score will be 7 points over. You win 7x the bet amount. If you lose the bet, you lose 7x the bet amount.

If you are interested, you get two risk-free bets up to $2,000. If your first PointsBetting wager loses, you receive up to $1,500 back, and if your first fixed odd wager loses, you get up to $500 back.

Barstool Over Under bets

Barstool Sportsbook Maryland got its start as a controversial sports blog in 2003 and ventured over to the world of DFS in 2007. Since then, it’s become one of our top picks for sports betting in Maryland.

If you are interested in Barstool, you can create an account, deposit money, and place your first bet. As with other sites, Barstool will guarantee your first bet by offering up to $1,000 in sportsbook bonus cash if you lose.

Over/Under (Totals) bets explained


With an over/under (totals) bet, a bettor’s only concern is whether the final combined score will be over or under a totals line set by a sportsbook.

A bettor can also wager on specific stats that might occur during a sports event, such as an NFL team’s number of interceptions, a golfer’s number of birdies in a golf tournament, or a baseball player’s number of RBIs in an MLB game.

Before we get any further, let’s define some of the terms commonly used when talking about over/under betting:

  • Totals line / Posted Total: The total combined number of points, goals, or specific occurrences predicted by a sportsbook. Bettors wager that the outcome will be “over” or “under” the totals line or posted total.
  • Push: A “push” is simply a tie. Oftentimes sportsbooks set the totals line using a half number (41.5, for example). This is because whole numbers (41, for example) can result in a tie. Then the sportsbook must void the bet and refund the wager.

Over/Under Betting MD: The process

Here’s the over/under betting process in Maryland from a high level:

  1. A sportsbook analyzes stats and sets the over/under totals line.
  2. You (the bettor) determine whether you think the outcome will be over or under the totals line set by the sportsbook.
  3. You wait. You watch…
  4. You watch because sportsbooks can shift the totals line if one side is getting more action than the other. We’ll explain in a bit.
  5. You confidently place your bet.
  6. The sporting event begins. We guarantee you will be watching the numbers closely.
  7. That’s it. You win, or you lose, depending on the outcome and if you placed a correct “over” or a correct “under” bet.

That’s the overall process, but let’s take a look at some examples so that you can see how it works when it comes to placing an actual totals bet.

Examples of Over/Under Bets

The Maryland Terrapins are playing the Michigan State Spartans in an NCAA basketball game.

  • Sportsbooks predict that both teams’ points will add up to 129 at the end of the home game. That number (129) becomes the totals line.
  • Bettors decide whether or not the outcome will be over or under the totals line of 129.
  • The Terrapins win 68-57, which adds up to 125 points.
  • If a bettor wagered under (the total points would add up to under 129), they cashed in. Why is this? Because 125 is less than 129.
  • Those who bet over (the total points would add up to over 129) had to ante up. The total points scored would have had to be 130 or more.
  • If the totals points scored ended up being 129, it would have been a “push,” and the sportsbook would void the bet and refund the wagers.

Bettors are not concerned with the winner or loser; they are solely focused on the final number of points scored in the basketball game.

Over/under bets are exciting because a bettor can not only wager over or under on the number of points scored in a game or match but certain actions that might occur during a sporting event. Here are a few examples:

  • Football: a player or team’s total number of interceptions, rushing yards, etc.
  • Basketball: a player or team’s total number of assists, steals, turnovers, etc.
  • Baseball: a player or team’s total number of RBIs, steals, home runs, etc.

Over/under betting in Maryland is simple and exciting. Even payouts are relatively easy to understand. Let’s take a look.

Over/Under payouts in Maryland


Maryland sportsbooks typically base payouts on whether a sport is low-scoring or high-scoring.

Before we go any further, though, it’s important to understand how the wagers work. Most sports have -110 odds, which means you need to wager $110 to win $100. However, this number can vary, especially if one side is seeing more action than the other. Check out the next section for more about that.

Low-scoring sports versus high-scoring sports

Sports such as soccer, baseball, or hockey are low-scoring since they usually end up with single or low double-digit totals.

High-scoring sports, which can end up with 3-digit totals, include sports like basketball or football.

Why does it matter, you ask? Well, because sportsbooks are carefully watching the numbers, just like you. They are a business out to make a profit and have to take into consideration the amount of action both sides (over and under) are getting.

Sportsbooks manage their profit and the payouts by keeping the action as equal as possible. How they go about doing this is based on if the sport is low-scoring or high-scoring.

So, to keep the action from favoring one side too heavily, sportsbooks will do the following:

  • High-scoring sports: Sportsbooks will move the totals line if one side is seeing more action than the other.
  • Low-scoring sports: Sportsbooks shift the payout amount rather than the totals line to avoid a drastic change.

This means that the odds are generally the same for either an over bet or an under bet.

How do I make an Over/Under bet in Maryland?


Most Maryland sports betting sites are fairly similar when it comes to placing an over/under bet. First, you must create an account and deposit money. Then it’s time to have some betting fun:

  • Choose the sport you want to wager on.
  • Click on the game module’s over or under option.
  • Head to the bet slip (usually will pop up instantly on the app, or it’s located at the right-hand side of the website)
  • Log in and place your bet.

The pros and cons of using Over/Under (Totals) Bets in Maryland

Let’s break down the pros and cons of over/under betting in Maryland:

Pros of Over/Under Betting in Maryland

Simple: In most cases, over/under betting is simple and straightforward. You are just deciding whether or not the combined score will be over or under the totals line set by a sportsbook. Of course, simple doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your research and compare sites to get the best payout, but the process itself is quite easy.

Exciting: Keeping track of points scored throughout a game, how many touchdowns a team has, or if a knockout is going to happen in a boxing match is incredibly exciting. It’s different than the traditional win or lose the style of betting and will keep you on your toes throughout the sporting event.

Cons of Over/Under Betting in Maryland

Because Maryland sportsbooks can shift the totals line or payout amount, over/under betting can get a bit tricky. You just have to pay close attention and place your bet at the right time.

In conclusion

Over/under betting is simple and exciting, and there are plenty of exceptional sportsbooks to choose from in Maryland. Review each site carefully and decide which one is right for you. Or take your chances with more than one sportsbook to get the most payout amount possible.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope that this guide to the best over/under sportsbooks in Maryland has been helpful!