Draft betting Maryland

The Draft betting in Maryland has really grown into a bit of a spectacle over the years, transforming from something that people barely paid attention to years ago to something that even the most casual fans of the game pay at least a little attention to.

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The only Draft betting guide MD

Unsurprisingly, platforms that offer Draft betting Maryland action have been popping up left and right to give fans an opportunity to make some money on the draft – and that’s why we’ve put together this quick guide. Use the inside info below to give yourself a bit of an edge and advantage when you’re placing Draft bets today!

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How do Draft betting odds work?


The first thing you’ll need to get your head around when looking to get into some Draft betting is how the Draft odds are different from traditional game betting lines.

With a traditional NFL betting in Maryland, you’re looking at two teams that are going to be head-to-head against one another that day. So you’re going to have a whole bunch of bets, a whole bunch of lines, and a whole bunch of odds to pick and choose from with that matchup alone.

With the draft, though, there’s not that kind of competition – there’s no real head-to-head match – which changes the way that Draft betting lines are handled.

Thankfully, though, the way that odds are broken down (especially Moneyline odds, for example) stays pretty universal across the board. A (-) next to Draft odds tell you that a specific pick is a favorite of that Draft betting Maryland sportsbook, and a (+) tells you that the pick is an underdog.

Keep that in mind when you’re making these wagers, and everything else sorts of falls into place.

Popular types of Draft bets you can make

As we highlighted a minute ago, the Draft betting action you’re going to have available is going to be considerably different than what you’d get from a traditional game. Here are just a few of the different kinds of wagers you’re going to be able to make on draft day.

First pick overall

The most popular kind of Draft betting action you’re going to see in the lead-up to (and on) draft day revolves around who is going to go first overall.

This is usually a Moneyline pick (though if it’s picked far enough in advance, it can be a future as well), almost always with three or four different options for players to pick from.

Most Draft classes do not have a unanimous consensus number one overall. Remember that there was a lot of chatter about whether or not the Indianapolis Colts were going to take Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf first overall!

Top ten picks

The top ten picks during the first round of the draft are also really popular, either as Moneyline picks individually or as parlay action – though the more top 10 picks you to parlay together, the higher your odds of busting your betting slip become.

Still, a three-pick parlay that gets the first three off the board correctly can be a huge payday (and is a whole lot easier to pull off than trying to figure out what the entire top 10 incorrect order is going to shake out like).

First player at a position

Picking the first player to be drafted at a specific position (first person drafted at quarterback, and running back, at wide receiver, at defensive back, etc.) is a hugely popular Draft bet, too. This can be a prop bet, a moneyline bet, or a parlay and a future. The choices are up to you!

Team drafts x type wagers

One of the more popular Draft prop bets you’ll be able to jump on after you sign up for the best Draft betting Maryland platform is picking which team is going to draft a specific type of player first.

If you hear a lot of rumblings that the Baltimore Ravens are on the hunt for a new Offense of Tackle to keep Lamar Jackson protected, you might want to put a little bit of money down on the Ravens taking an OT in the first round – either as a prop or a future.

These kinds of bets are usually available throughout the draft (even after the first round has finished up).

The Draft live betting


Live betting in Maryland action during the Draft is becoming hugely popular, especially for bettors that like to make prop bets while the draft is actually going on and parlays that combines a couple of different picks in real-time, too.

A lot of people that haven’t watched the draft think that it’s a bit of a “snooze fast” without a lot of fast-paced action. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Teams are always wheeling and dealing, thinking about moving picks and players to completely redesign the draft board right up until the time runs out on that specific pick.

Live football betting in Maryland action gives fans an opportunity to get involved in the draft as well, making prop bets about what’s going to happen next, which position is going to go to a specific team, and which player is going to come off of the board next.

Bet on the Draft in Maryland

Finding some perfect Maryland sportsbooks to start your Draft betting Maryland action on is hugely important, though.

This is going to be your base of operations when making different Draft bets, and you’re going to want to be sure that the book you’ve picked gives you as much flexibility and freedom to jump on Draft odds and betting lines that make sense for you.

Trust and reputation matters

The trustworthiness and reputation that a bookie has (not just with bettors but within the sports betting industry itself) is hugely important. The last thing you need to worry about is getting hooked up with a fly-by-night operation, especially when there are so many amazing Draft betting Maryland platforms to pick and choose from.

Clean interface (Especially on mobile)

You don’t want to feel like you are fighting your Draft betting platform just to get your picks in – or get your picks in on time. Choose a platform that has a clean, easy user interface that works well even on mobile.

Secure and safe banking

Secure and safe banking options that allow you to confidently use your credit or debit card, your bank account, or your online payment processors are a must. Don’t ever move forward with a Maryland sports betting site that cannot secure your banking setup.

Fast payouts

Nobody wants to wait until the Opening Day of the season to get paid for bets that were placed during the Draft. Find sportsbooks in Maryland that let you pull out your winnings with fast payouts, ideally getting money into your account within 24 to 72 hours after you start the withdrawal.

Great odds and lines

At the end of the day, you want to be sure that the NFL Draft betting lines and odds you’re able to wager on areas dialed in as can be. Of course, the house is always going to tilt the scales in their favor a little bit, to be sure, but you want to play and put money on sportsbooks that have as level a playing field as possible.

Our five favorite sportsbooks in Maryland

  1. BetMGM – MGM is one of the most trusted sportsbooks on the planet today. Their online sportsbook is safe, secure, easy to use, and filled top to bottom with all kinds of Draft bet options and other event betting in Maryland.
  2. PointsBet – Bettors are looking for a lot of variety with the NFL Draft prop bets in Maryland they want to make going to love everything PointsBet brings to the table.
  3. DraftKings – DraftKings feels purpose-built for betting on the (and that’s partially true). Their NFL Draft betting odds in MD are some of the best in the business.
  4. FanDuel – FanDuel offers maybe the best NFL draft live betting experience on draft day as well as during the actual season. Serious bettors will want to create an account here for sure.
  5. Barstool Sportsbook – There’s no better online betting community than the one you’ll find on the Barstool Sportsbook. Everything you love about the Barstool brand has made its way to their online bookie!

FAQ’s About Draft betting Maryland

Is it legal to bet on the Draft in Maryland?

In November 2020, voters in Maryland approved initiatives to greenlight legalizing online sports betting in the state. As a result, Gov. Larry Hogan signed online sports betting in Maryland legislation into law in May 2021. This means it’s 100% legal to bet on the NFL draft in Maryland (and to bet on any other sports in Maryland, too).

Can I use my credit or debit card to fund a betting account?

Most online sportsbooks are going to let you use major credit and debit cards to fund your sports betting account. Some of them are also going to let you use your bank account, online payment services like PayPal, and even cryptocurrency to get up and running.

What are some great bets to make during the draft?

Futures bets (trying to project first-round picks years in advance) are usually pretty solid, especially since most top prospects for the first round are going to be identified by their sophomore year – but only eligible for the NFL draft during their junior year. Moneyline pics during the Top 10 aren’t bad bets to go with, either.

What kind of bets should I avoid?

Some prop bets are a lot of fun when looking to get into NFL Draft betting Maryland action, but some of the more “out there” wagers should probably be avoided.
Trying to guess exactly how many wide receivers are going to be taken in the first round, for example, might not be all that difficult to get right. You’ll have a good idea of how many first-round wide receiver talents are available and how many teams are looking for that position in the first round.

Are futures worth messing around with when it comes to the  Draft?

Futures sound a little crazy at first blush (trying to guess who’s going to go first overall or even just in the first round of the NFL Draft a year or more in advance), but when you remember how hyped up talent like Andrew Luck and Trevor Lawrence is – years before they actually hit the draft – futures don’t seem that crazy.
At the end of the day, though, it all comes down to how much risk you’re willing to take on yourself.