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New sportsbooks Maryland

Now that Maryland residents can officially and legally participate in online sports betting, players want to know about the new sportsbooks in Maryland offers. Every bettor wants to make the most of their money and get the best user experience when it comes to new sportsbooks. That’s why we’ve read up on the best new sportsbooks in MD and condensed our findings here.

New sportsbooks in MD

Our research on some of the new sportsbooks in Maryland residents can use led us to an overwhelming conclusion. Sites like PointsBet, BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel are overflowing with variety, rewards, and opportunities to make the most of your user experience.

Between their customer support, mobile compatibility, long lists of sports to bet on, and their optimized web pages, Marylanders should find satisfaction in these new MD betting sites.

All new Sportsbooks in Maryland


Among the best new sportsbooks, Maryland residents will be able to use are FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, and PointsBet, each of which we will explore in this section. The best new sportsbooks Maryland have several benefits, consider their best features as we compare the four.


DraftKings new sportsbook in MD takes our list and shows players the best of what new sportsbooks in MD have to offer. Among the best perks include the impressive introductory promotion that includes an opportunity to win up to $1,000 in bonus site credits that you can track if you make a small minimum deposit.

And beyond this first-timer bonus are the daily rewards that players can avail, such as free-to-play pools, cash prizes, and free bets and odds boosts.

Fans of professional sports will love to know that you can bet on the big events and games – not to mention the U.S. Open. What’s more? Bettors also have betting options, including snooker, cycling, rugby, darts, and everything in between.

But, perhaps the best features include Stats Hub for featured games, recent games, featured parlays, predictions, and more

  • Live in-game updates
  • New game lines each day
  • Multi-level sports teams
  • Championship and Playoff pages
  • An invitation-only DraftKings VIP membership

Check out this impressive site that accommodates people with various deposit and withdrawal methods, offers a convenient mobile app (Android and iPhone), and features 24/7 customer support.


FanDuel New Sportsbook in MDposes an array of exciting features and perks to sports bettors, owing to its $1,000-value risk-free bet that comes as a sign-up offer, as well as its collection of sports and teams to bet on.

As if it wasn’t enough to be able to get an intro bonus, players can continue to reap FanDuel MD rewards in exchange for entering paid contests. And, on top of these exciting bonuses, FanDuel teases potential account holders with

  • Features like Odds Boosts, Live Wagers, Updates
  • More than 15 sports
  • A site betslip with Round Robin, Teaser, and Standard options
  • Professional sports teams

FanDuel also rewards customers with convenience via its free smartphone app (compatible with Android and iPhone), simple deposit and withdrawal methods, and valuable customer service online and over the phone.


We couldn’t talk about Maryland’s new betting sites without mentioning BetMGM. Most east-coasters have surely seen a television or streaming ad for this new online sportsbook powerhouse. If you want to know what makes BetMGM special, simply look at its new sign-up offer that you can take advantage of until the end of the year.

New players can score a risk-free bet worth up to $600 if they make a small minimum deposit. And where BetMGM, unfortunately, is lacking in regular rewards, it offers frequent and fleeting promotions for different sports seasons and games.

Check out some of the best features:

  • A mini-games section
  • 21 sports categories, including cricket, basketball, rugby, tennis, table tennis, NASCAR, cycling, golf, and many more
  • A convenient betslip
  • A host of professional teams, including the MLB, NBA, and NFL
  • Live match videos and media
  • Line tracking for live events
  • Promotions like parlay boost tokens and overtime insurance
  • Site parlay generator

Accepting many major credit and payment methods for withdrawals/deposits, BetMGM Maryland poses a lot of perks to users. From 24/7 customer support to the useful smartphone app (Android and iPhone), this site has it all.


Another exciting option among new sportsbooks in Maryland operates with is PointsBet. Players get lucky with this site since it offers an amazing sign-up bonus in MD that lets you play the Pick6 option. This professional and college betting option have a maximum winning amount of $25,000 each week.

And that’s not all. PointsBet MD also offers players the opportunity to refer a friend so you can both earn a $100 Free Bet. Even more? You can earn rewards frequently, which you can redeem for more Free Bets over time.

PointsBet features the following:

  • Live updates and wagers
  • Soccer, WNBA, tennis, and more
  • Professional sports like the NBA, MLB, and La Liga
  • Ability to view upcoming games and matches
  • Quick parlays
  • The PointsBet blog
  • Betslip to track both pending and settled wagers
  • PointsBet MasterCard for betting funds, credit purchases, and withdrawals and deposits
  • Exclusive membership into the Diamond and Platinum Clubs (invitation-only)

And on top of all of that, you can count on PointsBet’s Live Chat customer service and its convenient, free mobile app (for both Android and iPhone).

What Is the Significance of new sportsbook?


Read on to find out what Maryland has to offer in terms of new online sportsbook features, bonuses, promotions, and more. But before you do, find out why these new sportsbooks are so important, why they are a big bonus for Maryland residents, and why you should choose them.

What sets new sportsbooks apart from the “old” ones is mainly innovation and convenience. Today’s new sportsbooks aren’t just enticing in that you can use them to bet on an array of college and professional sports. They are also extremely convenient and fast, allowing players to make bets online or on their mobile phones in just seconds.

Today, we’ll be talking specifically about the new Maryland sports betting sites that residents can use. Every state has individual laws and regulations regarding gambling, and further, online sports betting. What makes these betting sites so novel is that they only became legal to use in Maryland recently.

Modern online betting sites mark a transition into a world where technology meets the betting process and optimizes it. For example, Barstool Sportsbook Maryland has good experience in this regards.

Why These Sites Are New to Maryland

Maryland residents have been waiting a long time for inclusion in the list of states that allow legal online sports betting. Before now, you couldn’t legally take part in new  sportsbooks and betting in the state, despite the fact that Marylanders love their sports.

However, back in November 2020, a referendum got approved in the state. It allows sports betting online, as well as the passing of a state sports betting bill (Bill HB 940), which came in 2021.

This is great news for both sports betting backers and people who want to place bets on local and nationwide sports teams.

Maryland (and Baltimore in particular) is home to a lot of famous sports teams, including professional ones, like the Maryland Terrapins men’s college basketball team, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Baltimore Orioles. This means that there is a lot of potential in the state for online sports betting to really take off and grow as an industry.

Among their perks, new sportsbooks offer incredible promotions and live streaming options to bettors that weren’t previously available. Read on below to learn about Maryland’s best new sports betting sites and what sets them apart from their competition.

New Sports Betting Sites in Maryland


When it comes to sports betting, you might be wondering whether the perks are really worth the time and money with these new online sportsbooks in Maryland.

Be assured that the sites mentioned above are some of the best new sportsbooks in MD offers, and the main reason to make the switch comes down to the optimized bettor experience, technology-friendly interfaces, and a variety of options. Let’s explore these benefits more specifically below.

The Best of the Best When It Comes to Features

The new sportsbook experience brings features to the table that you simply can’t get in an in-person betting arena. These sites utilize recent technology and incorporate features that allow bettors to watch their matches and games in real-time as they make their wagers.

Some of the advantages that come with these new sportsbooks MD include the ability to track wagers and settled amounts on the convenient on-screen betslips. What’s more? Some sites even offer parlay generators.

And of course, one thing you won’t get elsewhere is the ability to multitask in ways that we haven’t been able to before. You can catch live game updates and stats, make bets, and stream footage all at the same time. And many of these sites even offer these conveniences from their mobile apps.

There’s also live line tracking on the sites, which is very important to players and something that most bettors look for in the best online betting sites.

New offers, Rewards, and Sign-Up deals

Signing up with a new sportsbook is like getting invited into money in some ways. You’re not only expanding your opportunities in terms of betting; you’re also receiving site credits or free money for bets if you choose the right sites.

The impressive sign-up bonuses are what you want to look for when it comes to new sportsbooks, as these require very minimal deposits when you join (typically from $5-$10). And what you get in return is much more valuable – up to $1,000 for a free bet in many cases, with a risk-free chance to take the bet.

That’s just something that is hard to say no to, and it’s why new sportsbooks are becoming so popular. That initial draw-in is what makes them successful, too.

And beyond the sign-up offers, these sites also offer opportunities to new members who are looking to bring their friends in on the betting fun. A lot of sites offer refer-a-friend opportunities, where you can both benefit from a free bet with a smaller value.

And further, most new sportbooks in Maryland bring their own rewards or rewards programs to the table, where players can earn redeemable rewards each time they enter bets or contests.


It’s easy enough to assume that with better technology will come more possibilities and options. Well, that’s true of new online sportsbooks, too. We quickly noticed that the more sports and betting options these sites offer, the more they make themselves worthwhile.

Some of these sites have upwards of 20 individual sports to bet on, which doesn’t even account for the different divisions and levels of these sports, like professional  and college levels. Any Marylander will enjoy this prospect since the many in the state are big fans of both college and professional sports.

Technology and Mobile Compatibilities

The interfaces of new sports betting sites are only improving as we head into the future. When you visit the homepages of sites like BetMGM or DraftKings, you will quickly see that they display everything for your convenience, immediately. With sidebars that feature betslips you can use while checking up on game updates and stacks, you’ll notice that these websites value your experience.

But perhaps a more important reason that the technology takes the win is that each of the sites we mentioned today has a linked mobile app for smartphone users. And you can do virtually everything on the apps that you can do on the desktop version of the websites.

Viewing live stats, making bets, depositing, and withdrawing has never been easier than they are now since you can even do them on the go. They’re constantly getting updated and improved, which means you constantly have something new and useful to look forward to.

FAQ’s About New sportsbooks in Maryland

How old do I have to be for online betting?

Each state has a minimum legal age for online sports betting. In Maryland, this age is 21.

What should I do to get started with new betting on sports?

It’s important to have knowledge of a few things before betting on sports. Make sure you understand how odds work, probability and value, what game lines are, and more.

Do I have to be an expert in sports to bet on them?

No, you don’t have to be an expert in a particular sport to make online bets on it. However, it may be good to choose a sport you are at least familiar with or a team with players you know about.

How many new sites should I sign up for?

It’s up to you how many sites you sign up for, but keep in mind that while the sign-up offers are enticing, you have to put down deposits for each of them. Additionally, the more sites you sign up for, the more records you need to keep for your wagers.

What happens if I want to cancel new wagers?

Something important you should know about online sports betting is that once you wager money, you probably won’t get it back unless you win it back. Each site is different, but it’s pretty typical that you cannot cancel wagers once you make them, even on the best betting sites.