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Teaser Betting Maryland

You would be hard-pressed to find any halfway decent sportsbook in MD today that doesn’t give players a chance of teaser betting in Maryland when they are placing wagers on the spread or the totals of football and basketball games. At the same time, though, lots of sports bettors are unfamiliar with whether or not teasers are really all that attractive as “advanced parlays” or merely gimmicks designed to separate players from their hard-earned money without really tilting the odds as much as they say they well.

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Guide to Teaser Bets in Maryland

In this quick guide of teaser bets in Maryland, we are going to break down (just about) everything you need to know about teaser sports betting in Maryland.

We’ll go over the ins and outs of what teaser bets are (and what they aren’t), the advantages that they bring to the table, how they work, and how to use them to your advantage – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Let’s get right into it.

Best Teaser Betting Maryland sites 2024

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Best teaser betting in MD


Now that we’ve covered the teaser betting explained section of the guide, let’s dig a little bit deeper into the best teaser betting Maryland sportsbooks you’ll want to jump on board with to get this kind of action going.

BetMGM teaser bets

BetMGM Maryland is a renowned sportsbook that Maryland players have absolutely flocked to, not just because of the reputation of this platform (which is solid gold, by the way) but also because of the almost unlimited wager opportunities available.

A teaser in betting here is going to give you fantastic odds, especially since the lines coming from MGM are (usually) straight from the big books in Vegas. Being able to move those lines in your direction can certainly tip the scales your way, helping you build out bigger payouts!

Unibet teasers

The Unibet Maryland platform offers plenty of teaser bets as well, primarily in the world of professional football and professional basketball (the NFL and NBA, respectively). You can also get in on college football and basketball teaser action if you’d like, but that’s not recommended just because of how unpredictable those games can be.

Fubo teaser bets

Fubo Sportsbook Maryland teaser bets are always a big favorite and are super easy to get started with. The digital bet slip available from the operator is easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to keep track of – especially when you have multiple teaser bets going all at once.

Teasers at FanDuel sportsbook

FanDuel Maryland also lets teaser betting bettors place these kinds of wagers with a simple and straightforward interface, helping them run these “off the board” to pull spreads and totals from the current odds available as opposed to a fixed set of odds you might have had to work with from a traditional sportsbook.

Best of all, FanDuel will usually let you add multiple bets to your slip at once so that you can cash in on the very best odds before you tease anything. That’s a huge deal!

Caesars sportsbook teaser bets

Caesars Sportsbook Maryland is quickly becoming a go-to choice for teaser betting bettors, just because the lines in the action that they make available are so well dialed in.

What is a Teaser Bet?


When you get right down to it, a teaser bet is really nothing more than a modified parlay bet – though there are some pretty strict rules about how you are allowed to modify these parlay odds.

Specifically designed to let you “play with the line” when it comes to Point Spread style wagers as well as Totals (over/under wagers), with the right teaser, you’re going to be able to move the line in your direction so that you boost your odds of winning your parlay and a bigger payout.

Sounds pretty good on the surface, right?

Well, it gets a little more complicated than that “under the hood.”

How Teasers work

To break down how teaser bets work, let’s use the most common example of a two-team, six-point teaser.

This is the kind of teaser betting Maryland opportunity players are going to have available during football and basketball season pretty much around the clock, and a wager that you’ll want to really master ASAP if you’re serious about teasing parlays into bigger payouts.

The general gist of things works like this:

You have two different teams (let’s say the Ravens at -9.5 and the Patriots at +2.5) with lines that you want to move six points in your direction.

With this six-point teaser applied, the new lines are going to look like this – Ravens at -3.5 and the Patriots at +8.5.

Now you’re going to need the Ravens to win by four points or more, and the Patriots to win outright or lose by eight points or less for your parlay to cover.

If both of those things happen, you’ll generally get a payout of -110, which means for every $110 you put on that game, you would win $100 in profit.

Running through teaser payout breakdowns

As highlighted a moment ago, that kind of teaser bet is a two-team, six-point teaser.

But that’s not the only kind of teaser you can run!

Different Maryland teaser betting platforms are going to provide you with multiple teaser payout options that allow you to combine even more teams in action (or move the points even more in your direction), potentially bumping up your payout but also amplifying your risk in a big way.

For example, a three-team teaser with a six-point move is generally going to have +160 odds compared to the -110 odds that a two-team teaser with a six-point move brings to the table.

Add one more team into the mix to create a four-team teaser with a six-point move, and you’re looking at +265 odds on that same kind of wager.

Of course, you could also choose to shift the line a little more (6.5 points or 7 points, as a general rule of thumb) to tip the scales in your favor, even more so with teaser sports betting. Just know that your payouts are going to decrease accordingly while your risk skyrockets.

As a general rule, teaser sports betting veterans like to stick to the tried and true two-team, six-point teaser most of the time.

You considerably play around the edges once you figure out how a teaser bet works for yourself, but right out of the gate, you’ll probably want to stick to the two-team, six-point teaser as well.

Spread and Totals teaser breakdown

While certain Maryland teaser betting platforms are going to let you tease different kinds of wagers, the overwhelming majority are going to stick to Point Spread and Totals – and you should, too.

Ever soon as you start to play around with teasing different kinds of bets aside from these two, you start to get into some uncharted waters.

The algorithms for figuring out how those lines move, what your odds are, and what you need to pull off to win changed dramatically outside of the Points and Totals wagers – and it’s usually just not worth the headache and hassle.

No, it’s a good idea to stick to traditional Point Spread and Total teasers.

If you really want to shake things up, consider “Reverse Teasers” – also called Pleasers – where you end up selling points back to the house on bets that you feel really confident about.

FAQs About Teaser Betting Maryland

What’s the difference between a Teaser and a Parlay in MD?

The biggest difference between teaser sports betting and straight-up parlay bets has to do with moving the line by six points (generally) as opposed to running a parlay with “regular” odds.

Are Teasers easier to hit than Parlays in Maryland?

Teasers are not necessarily easier to hit than parlays, if only because the odds matrix changes things a little bit on how you have to hit each and every one of the legs in your wager to cash in on your teaser payout. You will be able to move the line 6 points in your direction, though, which is a pretty big deal.

Is Maryland Teaser Betting a smart move?

Teaser bets can be a really smart move, provided you stick to the professional football and basketball leagues (to cut down on overall variation) and try to play two-team, six-point teasers more often than not. Things start to go a little sideways in the world of teaser bets when you shake things up and deviate from those tried and true methods. The payouts can get really juicy when you get adventurous, but the amount of risk that you start to take on piles up as well.

Are there different kinds of Teasers I can play in MD?

For sure! You’ll be able to play teasers on Point Spreads, teasers on Totals (the over/under of a game), and you can even play Reverse Teasers (called Pleasers) if you want to sell points back to the house rather than buy to boost your odds.

What’s the big advantage of Teaser Bets in Maryland?

Even though you’ll inevitably be taking on a bit of extra risk with teaser sports betting compared to traditional wagers (just because you’re tying multiple outcomes together to figure out if you win or not), the ability to tilt the scales in your favor a little bit by moving the line increases your chances of cashing in on a parlay style bet in a big way.