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How to bet on snooker in Maryland

How to bet on Snooker in Maryland

How to bet on snooker in Maryland

Snooker betting Maryland is becoming more popular each season. So we decided to create a guide on how to bet on snooker in Maryland so you know what to expect when you want to wager on a match. While it may be a challenge trying to find snooker betting lines, it’s worth finding the right betting service.

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How to bet on snooker in MD

Time needed: 10 minutes

Snooker betting in Maryland can be a lot of fun because there are so many different options. If you enjoy watching the game while you bet, you may be interested to learn about some of the bets you can place on snooker. But first, let’s take a look at the most common snooker betting lines.

  1. Outright winner

    When a snooker tournament has been listed, you will be able to place a bet on which player you think will win. If you choose the correct outright winner of the even, you’ll win the bet.registration sheet online

  2. To win a match

    This betting style is for matches that feature two competitors. Place a bet on which one you think will win.betting-mobile

  3. Frame winner

    A snooker match is broken down into different frames. You can place bets on which competition will win each frame. This is one of the most common wagering styles for live betting.

  4. Correct score

    This bet involves guessing the final score and how many frames it will take to get there. Since this bet is more difficult to get correct, it offers very high payouts for winners.

  5. Total centuries

    This is an over/ under style of bet. In snooker, players can make a century break when they get 100 points or more. The betting service will list a total amount of centuries for a player to make. Then, you can wager if the total will be over or under what has been listed.pool-billiards

  6. Highest break

    You can wager which one will score the highest break in a match with two players. Then, if the player you choose had the highest break at the end of the match, you will win a payout.payment-time

  7. 147 in the match

    The perfect break is 147, which is very difficult for snooker players to achieve. With this bet, you can wager if one will be achieved during the match. Either player can score the 147 break for you to win this bet.sports-pool

Snooker betting Maryland top online guide

As we go through this guide, we’ll give you insight on which betting sites in Maryland are worth looking into for snooker betting. We will also cover some of the top betting strategies and ways to wager on this sport. Keep scrolling to learn more.

How to bet on snooker in MD

Are you interested to learn more about snooker betting in Maryland? Then, you’ve come to the right page. Today, we’re going to cover every corner of what you need to know to have a good snooker betting experience. Part of the fun of snooker betting is joining the right website. On this page, we’re going to introduce you to the most reputable sportsbooks in Maryland for snooker betting. 

It’s also important that you’re fully prepared before you start betting on snooker. To make sure you know what to expect, we’re going to go over the strategy that expert bettors use when a snooker game is in-play. We will also explain the betting odds and how you can wager on snooker games and events. But, first, let’s take a look at what you should expect.

Best Snooker betting in Maryland

If you’re interested in betting on sports online, you’ll need to join a Maryland sports betting service. There are many great betting sites in Maryland, but the options for snooker betting are limited. Several betting services don’t have the option to bet on snooker. Luckily, we were able to find out which one had snooker betting lines to let you know where to look.

Snooker sportsbooks MD

Each site that we mention for snooker betting in Maryland has a license to operate online. We only mention reputable gambling providers in this guide so you can trust where your money goes. If you want snooker betting options in Maryland, visit the following betting sites:


BetMGM Maryland is one of the top betting sites for snooker in Maryland. This betting provider has many great options for niche sports betting and it offers very generous Maryland sports betting promo offers. Some of these offers can be used for snooker betting to add more fun to the event you’re betting on.


Caesars Sportsbook Maryland stands out to a lot of people right off the bat because they offer all new members a risk-free bet that’s valued up to $1000. This offer can be used on a snooker bet, making it perfect for real snooker fans. The great offer isn’t the only reason this site is great for snooker betting, it also features high odds in-play betting.


Draftkings Sportsbook Maryland is a great betting site to look into if you enjoy contests. This service is known across Maryland for having many unique offers, contests, and even sports fantasy events. Snooker is just one of many smaller-scale sports you can bet on with this reputable provider.


Fanduel Maryland is another great betting service in the state that a lot of people prefer. The reason why this betting provider stands out is that it has the most reliable mobile app. In addition, Fanduel’s PC to mobile app interface is nearly identical. Hence, members get the best experience when betting on snooker using their phones.

Snooker betting odds explained in Maryland

Once you have joined a betting site for snooker, you can see what options are on the betting line. Before you choose a competitor to wager on, you’ll likely notice that every player has different betting odds

Maryland betting sites use the American odds format, which means bets are listed with odds that are – and + numbers. Since snooker betting involves you choosing between multiple competitors, the odds are typically all listed with a positive number. This is because it’s more difficult to pick one winner out of hundreds of competitors. 

The only exception to this is when you are betting on a match with competitors. In that case, statistics will be used to determine who is the favorite and who is the underdog. As a result, the favorite competitor will be listed with – odds, while the underdog will be listed with + odds.

When a player is listed with + odds, the profits won if $100 is wagered. However, if you bet on a player with – odds, you won’t lose money by winning. The profits will be lower than what you had wagered in this case.

Example of snooker betting odds MD

If you were to bet on a snooker tournament, like The Masters or World Tournament, there will be a lot of competitors to choose from. For this reason, you’ll notice the players listed with + numbers. However, these numbers could range from as low as 100 to as high as 50,000. 

Some of the odds you see may look like this:

  • Judd Trump +214
  • Barry Hawkins +3646
  • Joe Perry +17,200
  • Mark King +45,500
  • Dylan Emery +50,000

As you can see, each player has greatly different odds, but each odds will result in a nice payout if you were to win the bet. This is because anytime you win a bet, your stake is returned to you along with the profit from the bet.

If you were to bet $10 on Judd Trump and won, the payout would be $41.40 ($10 stake + $31.40 profit). However, if that bet were placed on Dylan Emery and he won, the payout would be $5010.00 ($10 stake + $5000 profit).

Snooker betting terms you should know about MD

Once you start placing bets on snooker, you will notice a few different terms appear often. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with what they are before you start betting. Let’s cover the main terms you’ll run into:

  • Break- How many points a player score during a frame. 
  • Frame- every time the snooker balls are aligned and a player hits them, a new frame has been started.
  • Handicap- If a player is more likely to win, they will be given a handicap of a couple of frames to even out the betting lines. 

Snooker betting strategies in Maryland

Now that you know more about where to find betting lines for snooker and how to bet on them, you should have a betting strategy. It’s important to be prepared any time you bet on a sport, and snooker isn’t any different. While you can’t guarantee a win on any bet you place, there are ways to predict bets more accurately.

Do your research

You must know about the snooker game before you start gambling on it. We recommend researching the history of the game, how it’s played, and the statistics of the players competing. It’s just as important to do research on the players as it is on the game itself.

Sometimes bettors believe betting on the favorite competitor each time will result in a win, but this is not a good strategy to follow. There isn’t a lot of value for betting on favorite players. Instead, keep an eye on how players have been competing to have more luck on the betting lines and better know when to wager on the underdog.

Always have a budget set

The most crucial thing to consider when betting on a snooker match is to have a budget set ahead of time. Responsible gambling always needs to be a part of any snooker betting strategy. Since there is no way to guarantee a win, you should always place bets under your budget.

No matter how tempted you are, don’t go over your budget. If the bets you have been placing are losing, the best strategy simply stops. Trying to bet more in hopes of winning back what you lost could result in more money lost.

Search different snooker betting sites in MD

It could pay to join multiple betting sites. Why is this? Each betting site will have different odds for the event. When you have multiple accounts, you can wager with the highest odds service. It also allows you to use more different offers like the odds boost or risk free bets.

Handicaps even out the odds

Keep an eye out for handicaps on the betting lines. If a clear favorite is highly likely to win, a handicap will be used to even out the odds for a better payout. This means that the player will have to win within a margin for you to win a handicap bet.

FAQ snooker betting in MD

How old do I need to be for snooker betting in Maryland?

Snooker betting in Maryland is only available for people who are over the age of 21. In addition, you must be within the state of Maryland to use any of the services we mentioned above as well.

How do snooker betting sites confirm players in Maryland are of age?

When registering for an account, members will need to provide their date of birth and the last four digits of their social security number to be verified. The betting service may contact them for more information.

Can I prevent a big loss when snooker betting Maryland?

Most betting sites will allow you an option to cash out early while a game is in-play. If your bet isn’t working out, you can use this feature to receive a partial refund on the amount you wagered. 

Is snooker betting in Maryland risky?

Snooker betting isn’t risky as long as you are prepared to lose the stake you have wagered. This is why your stake should be lower than you can afford to lose. Snooker betting odds are high so a low stake could result in a high-profit win.

Why is snooker not available at every Maryland betting site?

Snooker is considered a smaller-scale sport, and it doesn’t have as many viewers as major league sports. This means it doesn’t attract as many bettors to sportsbooks, and many sports betting providers don’t profit from featuring snooker betting lines.