PointsBet Maryland

A relative newcomer as far as the online sportsbook world is concerned. PointsBet has hit the ground running in a major way. It’s already one of the most popular places to throw down bets on games, matches, and contests around the world.

Bonuses and Promos available at Pointsbet MD


Bonuses and promos are really where PointsBet starts to shine! Seriously, almost every single PointsBet Maryland review out there is going to make a huge deal of the bonuses and promos that this platform rolls out, and for a good reason.

These are some of the friendliest bonuses and promos in the entire sportsbook industry (including traditional, offline sportsbooks), exactly what we love here on OnlineBettingMaryland.com.

PointsBet MD Welcome Bonus

For starters, PointsBet offers two different 100% risk-free wagers of up to $2000 for folks that start a new account here. That bonus is broken down into two different types of wagers you can place and kicks in automatically.

One is a $500 bonus wager on the first fixed odds bet placed by a new player. The other is a $1500 risk-free bet on the first PointsBetting wager that you place. Just to shine a light on how rare this kind of bonus is. Most other platforms offer a “newbie bonus” like this of between $250 and maybe $500.

The bonuses offered to new PointsBet players:

  • Risk-free bet of $1500 on your 1st PointsBetting Bet.
  • $500 Free Bet on your 1st Fixed Odds Bet.

These bonuses blow the competition out of the water!

PointsBet Maryland Promo Codes

Existing players are going to get really slick bonuses from PointsBet, too. You’ll be able to leverage anywhere between three and eight bonus promos codes each and every month. But keep in mind these bonuses change and rotate every so often.

Three Dollars for Every Three promo

One of the more popular ones for existing players is the “Three Dollars for Every Three” promo usually run during football season. Every time the kicker on the Baltimore Ravens puts a field goal through the uprights, feel when three dollars and free bets (provided you’ve put $50 on the money line at some point during the season).

Karma Committee

A really cool bonus, though, exclusively available through PointsBet. And one that gets a lot of play during PointsBet MD review articles – is the “Karma Committee” bonus.

Everyone that has done a bit of sports gambling has dealt with a bad bet before, one that robs you of a sweet jackpot and wipes away your winnings in heartbreaking fashion.

If that happens to you while this bonus is in play, though, PointsBet will actually refund all wagers. You’ll get your door kicked back into your account (ready to be wagered again) rather than getting kicked in the chest!

Pointsbet sportsbook Maryland


The overall user experience is polished and well-designed, the lines and odds are really dialed in, and the betting opportunities rank right up there with the best sportsbooks on the planet (online or off). Let’s dig into this PointsBet Maryland review right now!

If you’ve been looking for a new home to do a bit of gambling on your favorite teams (including the Orioles, the Terrapins, or the Ravens) and are wondering if PointsBet is the right spot, you’ll want to check out the inside info we share below.

First Impressions of Pointsbet Maryland

Right out of the gate, it isn’t difficult to see why people really love everything that PointsBet brings to the table. Even just from a pure user interface experience. This is a really slick and polished user interface, one that was (clearly) intentionally designed by people that love placing bets on sports themselves.

Everything you need quick access to – different wagering opportunities, different game details, different lines, and odds – is always just a quick click or tap away. You aren’t going to have to wrestle this information out of the PointsBet platform the way you might have to elsewhere.

People love the creativity that this Maryland sportsbook has on full display with their bonuses and promos, always giving players a new opportunity to increase their potential winnings without having to risk a mountain of money along the way.

All in all, there’s a lot to like and not a whole lot to dislike when we were researching this PointsBet MD review.

Wager Opportunities at PointsBet MD

To say that there is an almost unlimited amount of betting opportunities available here isn’t even close to hyperbole.

Suppose there’s a game going on, a contest somewhere around the world. In that case, the chances are pretty good that PointsBet is going to let you drop some cash on a couple of different wager opportunities – including games, contests, and matches you might not have been able to bet on elsewhere.

You’ll be able to place your bets on games and contests like:

Are you interested in placing a bet on a huge Australian rules rugby game?

  • Love the idea of putting some money on an upcoming cricket tournament?
  • Have a feeling that a cyclist is going to dominate in the next upcoming race?
  • Do you want to throw a chunk of change at someone in darts? An eSports team?
  • Love to put some money behind your favorite golfer before the Masters?
  • You’ll be able to do that (and more) when you place your bets on the PointsBet platform!

Different Betting Types at PointsBet Sportsbook MD

Pretty much every PointsBet sportsbok MD review also mentions that you’re going to be able to place different kinds of wagers on all these different kinds of sporting events as well.

You can bet on the money line and you can bet the spread, you can roll the dice on over/under wagers, and you can even get in on some custom bet action – usually a mixture of prop bets and traditional bets.

  • Moneyline
  • Point spreads
  • Over/Unders
  • Totals
  • Props
  • Parlays
  • Single-game parlays
  • Teasers
  • Round robins
  • Futures

Live Betting at PointsBet Maryland

Live betting (betting opportunities that change even after the game has started) is possible on PointsBet as well. The only problem there is that the functionality is a little bit lackluster compared to other options. And the updates aren’t quite as quick as most would like them to be.

Even with those (slight) drawbacks, though, most people will come away feeling like they always have a chance to place money on their favorite players, teams, and games, for sure. There’s a lot more positive PointsBet MD review posts out there than negative ones!

Features and Benefits of PointsBet Maryland

PointsBet has all of the standard features you’d expect from a sportsbook operating online as well as some really cool special features you might not find elsewhere, including:

Early Cash Out Capabilities – Sometimes PointsBet will provide these kinds of wager opportunities on different games and different matches, almost exclusively limited to fixed-odds betting opportunities. After you’ve placed this kind of wager, though, you have the opportunity to settle that bet at any time – pulling out your winnings and collecting your cash even before the game has ended!

Points Betting – PointsBet also offers their own proprietary betting opportunities that they call Points Betting, a high risk (but super high reward) option in the fixed odds market. You have to have a lot of courage to roll these kinds of wagers on a regular basis, but if you win, you are going to win big!

Live Betting – As touched upon earlier in this PointsBet Maryland review, the live betting experience here isn’t quite as slick or as well polished as it is on other platforms. But it is still halfway decent and can still provide a lot of fun and a lot of action for those that haven’t tried betting while the game is going on before.

PointsBet Sportsbook Maryland App


The mobile app experience from PointsBet MD is super slick and polished, making it one of the best in the industry. Available on iOS and Android devices (the iOS version is available through the Apple App Store.

While the Android version has to be acquired straight from the PointsBet website and sideload it over to your device). You’ll have full access to the entire sportsbook functionality with these mobile versions.

The mobile versions have been built from the ground up to be safe and secure. Featuring top-tier encryption technology that never gets in the way of placing the kinds of bets players are looking for.

Navigation is easy, installation is fast, and even customizing the overall layout is a dream, thanks to how much time and effort has obviously been put into this mobile experience.

Banking Methods at PointsBet Maryland


Gambling rules and regulations (especially here in the United States) do place some limitations on how PointsBet MD handles the banking side of things.


Getting your money into (and especially out of) PointsBet is of huge importance, and you need to know that your money and payment information is going to be safe and secure – but that everything is going to go quick, easy, and without a hitch, too.

Well, we are happy to share with you in this PointsBet Maryland review that getting your money into and out of this platform won’t be any problem.

All major debit and credit cards are accepted as a deposit and withdrawal option, but you can also get your money into your PointsBet platform account via PayPal too.

PointsBet available deposit methods:

  • ACH, e-check
  • PayPal
  • Online bank transfers
  • PointsBet Mastercard
  • Credit or debit card
  • PayNearMe

PointsBet Maryland Payouts

Winnings can be withdrawn through a digital ETF bank transfer or through an electronic check (though both of those take anywhere between one and five business days). PayPal withdrawals are some of the fastest, usually hitting your account within 24 to 48 hours after initiating the withdrawal.

Payout methods available at Pointsbet Maryland:

  • Bank transfers, electronic-check
  • PayPal

Physical checks can also be mailed out if players want to cash them on their own.

Customer Service & Support

For a (relatively) new company, it’s evident that the people behind this platform knew what they were doing when they built this modern sportsbook, especially from a customer service and support side of things.

Live online chat help is available on a 24/7 basis, as is email support (available via [email protected]). Phone customer service is not yet available, though the company does want to offer this by the time the summer of 2021 is coming to a close.

Players can also reach out to customer support over Twitter by tweeting directly to the @PointsBetUSA account. English, as well as Spanish are the two languages that are natively supported through customer service.

Reputation of PointsBet

When it comes to the reputation of this online MD sportsbook, you won’t be disappointed even in the slightest bit. Almost all PointsBet Maryland review posts are glowingly positive, giving this platform a lot of credibility and a lot of authority even though they are relative newcomers.

People just have a great experience when they use this as their primary online sportsbook. On top of that, though, many “industry watchdog” services also rank PointsBet very highly in their own professional reviews.

It doesn’t hurt that this gambling platform is 100% legitimate, licensed to operate a sportsbook online, and is run by some folks that have a lot of experience in the online gambling universe.

Quick History of PointsBet

As we’ve highlighted just a moment ago, the PointsBet Maryland platform is still relatively new – even as far as online sportsbooks are concerned.

Whereas other companies have 5+ years of experience under their belt (and sometimes even more than that), this platform really only started to hit the ground running back in 2019.

This makes PointsBet very young but also very energetic and exciting. The folks behind PointsBet know that they have to throw their weight into things to breakthrough in the industry. Try new and innovative approaches to get new players and prove that they are legit, safe and secure every day.

So far, they’ve been doing a rock-solid job of exactly that! You will not have to worry about PointsBet turning into some fly-by-night operation, that’s for sure. They’re as trustworthy as they come, and you should feel comfortable placing bets with them going forward.

Final Verdict of PointsBet Maryland

There’s no doubt about it – PointsBet stacks up very (VERY) favorably to other sportsbooks operating in MD, or anywhere else for that matter, and deserves some serious consideration if you’re looking for a new gambling home.

Allowing players to put bets on pretty much every game imaginable (anywhere on the planet at any time), but also allowing them to really control their own destiny with great bonuses and promos, a lot of banking opportunities, and some cool live betting chances that are undoubtedly going to be improved moving forward, this is a rock-solid site to get started with.

If you are on the hunt for a new online gambling home, hopefully, this PointsBet MD review nudges you in the right direction!

FAQ Pointsbet Maryland

Is PointsBet Sportsbook Available in Maryland?

PointsBet is one of the projected online sportsbooks to launch in Maryland soon.

Is PointsBet Maryland Safe?

Yes, PointsBet Sportsbook in Maryland is a legitimate and licensed online sportsbook and is therefore also safe to use.

What sets PointsBet apart from other online betting sites in MD?

PointsBet offers more promotions than just about every other online sportsbook in the state. PointsBet also distinguishes themselves with their PointsBetting system.

What are the age restrictions at Pointsbet in Maryland?

The age limit for sports betting at Pointsbet in MD is above 21 years old.